Friday, May 22, 2009

what i'm working on: eco wallets

happy friday, lovelies!

what a fun-filled week it’s been here @ the rikrak home. spring is in its glorious full bloom, little rikrak & i have been working on some fun papier-mâché projects, and we’re getting ready for a little bakesale we’re having soon (more on that later!)

and in rikrak world, it's been so lovely visiting with all of you, reading your wonderful blog comments and fun ideas! thanks so much!...

what have you been working on? for me, sewing-wise, i’ve been working on lots and lots of eco wallet orders of late. especially fun, i’ve had a fun flurry of fun brides ordering vintage eco wallets for their wedding attendants! isn’t that a fun idea? i love it. some folks are ordering a whole set of the same fabric, others are ordering individual fabrics chosen especially for each bridesmaid! so fun!

so, in honour, i’m now offering rikrak eco wallets in little bundles, at a special rate, for a limited time. now when you buy 3 wallets, you get the 4th FREE. woohoo! and yay to all of those eco-forward weddings out there! (ps: by the way, no need to be getting married to take advantage of this fun offer… all eco lovin’ wallet needers can save!).. you can find more details in my shop listings, or feel free to contact me!


in other rikrak news, just a little reminder.. i’ll be drawing the winner of my rikrak gift certificate tonight @ 9pm … and there’s also still time to enter the mchen silkscreened tshirt giveaway! woohoo!

what are you working on lately? i’d love to hear! (and if you have a link, please leave it here! i'd love to see your projects!)

wishing you well with your projects!

and have a superdooper weekend.

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  1. Your wallets are so pretty, RikRak! I might have to get remarried just so I can give them to my bridesmaids. Great idea. Have a great weekend. Are you going to the Race festivities?

  2. I love these! So pretty! It makes me wish my wedding was closer =D

  3. rikrak, your wallets are great and the fabrics are so bright and cheerful!

    Since I've got back from my trip my head is literally spinning with ideas. Check out my blog to see my latest inspirations.

  4. Your fabrics are always so gorgeous, RR! I just love seeing what you've come up with!

  5. I tried on a skirt today and thought of was pink and white and had rikrak on it! it's a golf skirt and i don't golf, but it's still really cute.
    and i've realized that pink is popular - i had two custom orders for pink jewelry last week! yea!

  6. love your wallets and fabric choices. so simple, so useful, so creative.

    i am making gingerbread themed blocks. i drew a simple gingerbead man, outlined him in tiny white ric-rac. found some mini buttons for eyes and buttons. crafted a frosting bag with a silver ribbon "tip" and ric-rac dribbling out of the end. here's a link to the pic:

  7. your work is so lovely, and happy! i'm working on some new frames using some new vintage wallpapers i recently purchased!


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