Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my favourite things: board games

gosh... I just LOVE board games!

i pretty much love playing board games anytime, anywhere,


monopoli money via jjjohn's photostream

board games & fun memories so often go hand-in-hand for me!

memories of playing one of my early faves, the game sorry,

with my grandma in florida , seemingly for hours and hours

each time we visited it.

we both loved that game!

of sleepover 80’s board games over the years with pjs and pops

and chips and payday & life until the wee hours of the night!

of trying to learn all the tricks with my dad and uncle on Friday

nights as a child playing cribbage.

of crokinole, one of my other faves, at our wedding reception

(that’s how much we love games!) and on summery nights

@ home.

fortunately, little rikrak loves board games just as much as

mr. rikrak and I do. we have lots of after dinner board game

parties @ our home. these days it’s uno or blokus or cribbage

for the 3 of us!

vintage picnic game by Picnic by Ellie's photostream


and so I asked around to see what other cyberly

folksloved in the way of board games…

here are the results:

from 64 comments between my etsy thread here and on twitter,

and the top 4 faves were:

scrabble with 14 faves

trivial pursuit with 7 faves

monopoly with 6 faves

and clue with 5 faves

numerous games received 2 or 3 votes.

interestingly, monopoly was both a fave, and the most popular

NON fave

(folks chimed in that any game except monopoly would be great!)


here are some etsyans and their faves:

  • mybonnie mentioned loving pictionary & backgammon!
thanks for your votes, everyone!


upcycled checkers by Jupita

what's your favourite board game?

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  1. i like risk (if it's with the right people)- not the newer version though- we found the original version from the 70s at a junk sale in montana!!! the game can last forever, but it can be pretty fun!

    also balderdash and scattegories and other silly word games are so funny!

  2. Oh, I can't believe I forgot scrabble! Add that to my list with Trivial Pursuit and Clue.

  3. I must admit we banned monopoly with the kids - until we discovered junior monopoly. Games can last for DAYS and always ended in tears!

  4. I agree, Monopoly is certainly a NON fave here @ our home. But we LOVE Blokus (not many people seem to know it! Glad you like it, RR!)

    And my other favorite would be Clue!

  5. I LOVE backgammon, although I never can seem to beat my sister at it! HA! I also love card games like Gin & 21. I agree, a games night is a great way to spend an evening!

  6. game playing is in my blood.

    Thankfully, my husband shares this love for games with my family (strangely, not with his own). We are always searching for new people to play with, as we live in a different province from my family...and he will only take so many "second places" at Scrabble.

  7. what a fun post! i've always loved board games too! and so did my dad growing up! my mom would occasionally join us, but even still today when my dad comes to visit, we love to just sit and relax, play a game of checkers, or chess, or cards!

  8. settlers of catan!!!
    I LOVE that game and all its expansion packs!

  9. Thanks for your note:)
    It's funny that I love monopoly, but really have to be in the mood for it...

  10. I'll trade my sheep for your wheat. Siedler's fan here!

  11. Great post! I put a link to you at Cribbaholics Unanimous. :o)


  12. I'm so glad I'm not the only settlers of Catan - fan! Happy weekend, sweets! :)

  13. Scrabble was definitely our family-favorite growing up!

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