Monday, May 4, 2009

ode to the underdog

horse tote by stevester
red horses by gypsyandtwink
tiny ingemar swedish horse rubber stamp by Corrabelle
wooden toy horses mini mat by Rigmarole
woodland screenprint by cityablaze
mirror head dress in medium by elysiumdesign


happy monday, nicies!
hope you had a great weekend!


i don't know about you.. but i love cheering for the *underdog!*

this weekend, one of North America's biggest horseracing events, the Kentucky Derby, swelled those thoughts for me.

in horseracing, i guess like in any sporting event, there are favourites & longshots.
the anticipated winners and the underdogs.

i’ve kinda always loved the underdog. my dad was a big fan of horseracing. he'd always cheer for the longshot. no matter what!
how about you?

on saturday, the horse Mine That Bird was the 50-1 upset winner @ the Kentucky Derby. he was a longshot - not too many folks thought he'd emerge as the winner, with fierce competitors who seemed more able, more poised, more ready to come out ahead...but he did. somehow that longshot horse really really won! in the words of the announcer.. " a monumental upset." ... an "impossible victory."

i've gotta say - i love when that happens.. i love cheering for the underdog...

remember all those great tales about the victory of the underdog?
like Atticus Finch in “To Kill A Mockingbird."
that great 80’s hit “The Karate Kid
all of the underdog heroes in great literature. that regular kind of person who can overcome challenges from seemingly insurmountable odds... finding victory over big corporations, governments, natural disasters, etc.

i think of popular internet tales circulating these days: Jason McElwain, Susan Boyle, upset wins, folks overcoming amazing odds.

it's inspiring! it reminds me we can all achieve what we dream of.

congrats to all of you that have faced insurmountable odds &
persevered and found success!
go underdogs!
how about you... have a favourite underdog tale to share?


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  1. I'm with you, RR! There's nothing better then seeing someone come from behind in life and defeat the odds against them!

  2. I developed a family reputation as being, "Always for the underdog Em".

    Karate Kid makes me cry - with joy - every time...all 10 times I've seen it.

  3. Very inspiring K:) I love it when the underdog wins the Superbowl (well, almost!).

    Have a wonderful week!


  4. Being the underdog takes the most courage to overcome what obstacles are in your way. Underdogs often have more faith, love, and a whole lot more of perseverance than the rest of the world! Here's to them!


  5. I have that stamp from Corrabelle on etsy and I love it!! Swedish houses are my fav and her stamps are great!!
    (i have some others too!!)


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