Friday, April 9, 2010

wow wow wow!


--------> UPDATE: <---------
check out all of the giveaways so far!

1. a beautiful handwoven recycled rag rug by *fiveforty* here!
2. a necklace by the *broken plate*, here.
3. a gorgeous eco chic seatbelt bag by *alamodestuff* here.
4. a fashionista's dream moo moo dress by *julesmae* here.
5. a lovely textile necklace by *vadjutka*, here.
6. a pair of fabulous wall pockets by *greencouchdesign*, here.
7. a gorgeous rose organza purse by *karen meyers* , here.


get ready, nicies!
something fan-tastical is coming to rikrak studio blog next week, sweetiepies!

that's right!
7 days.
7 amazing eco giveaways.
7 fabulous eco artists.

right here.
starting next wednesday, april 14th!

so get ready for earth day week.
and you're gonna LOVE the amazing giveaways, nicies!
you're gonna wanna be here - i promise! :)
WOW wow WOW!

have a great weekend, cuties!
hope it's filled with eco-wonderful discoveries out there!
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  1. Yay giveaways! Have a fantastic weekend :)

  2. I'm ready for a give-away!


  3. wow wow wow, you always know how to make someone excited and curious! :)
    Happy weekend, sweet RikRak! :)

  4. yay!
    you're gonna love it nicies! :)

  5. Gearing up for it...


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!