Monday, April 12, 2010

the tooth fairy & a funeral

tooth fairy funness by:


a little mommying rite of passage on the weekend here at the rikrak home.

our little sweetie lost his first tooth. imagine!

on my part: excitement. can't-believed-ness. a little *my baby's not a baby*-ed ness. lots of photo-taking.

on little rikrak's part: elation. pride. joy. lots funfun staring-in-the-mirror-ness. calling everyone in the family-ness. so sweet.

little rikrak suggested a funeral celebration for the tooth.
of course, mr. rikrak & i loved this idea.

we took turns holding the little tooth, wrapped in a felty pouch, sharing words of fond remeberence. perhaps the sweetest part:

little rikrak : " we've been through so many great times together, tooth. hard times: like when you got hit with a baseball. yummy times like eating gelato, whip cream, chocolate. .... thanks." so sincere. so sweet!

needless to say mr. rikrak & i loved it.

so it's a little like a new little mommying era, of sorts.

it's an exciting time.

but i am glad he asked the tooth fairy (in an adorable little note) to keep the tooth.
you *know* how i love collections! i do always love a good souvenir!

any fun tooth fairy/ losing a little tooth memories you'd like to share?
isn't that toothless grin the most adorable little thing?

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  1. My 5yo just lost his first tooth a few weeks back...and promptly swallowed it! It was devastation and sadness in our house. In his words "I wait my whole life for this and now it's over and ruined." Poor kiddo.

    His second loose tooth is just hanging in his mouth now. He's terrified that he'll swallow this one too - - so much so that he won't eat donuts anymore {since he thinks it was the donut's fault that he swallowed his first tooth}. :)

    Congrats to your little one!

  2. oh my heavens - that's the sweetest tale, catherine!

    poor little sweetie.

    fingers crossed the next one comes out to have & hold! :)

  3. Yea tooth! What a sweet story!
    I save the kids teeth too - it came in handy when one fell out and got lost in the grass. Daddy "found" it later and was the big hero for a very sad little boy.....

  4. That is such an adorable story:) Please offer my heartfelt congratulations to little rikrak. We have yet to lose any teeth here, but I'm weepy just thinking about it.

  5. Learn from my mistakes and get a little box, label it, and put all your little one's teeth in there. This is especially important if you have more than one kid! :)

  6. Awww, cute! My five year old doesn't even have any loose teeth yet, he's just taking his time! My Mom used to yank mine out, I'd let them get so loose they would be hanging by a thread and she was afraid I would swallow them, so she would say "hold still, this won't hurt at all" and pull - ouch!


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