Friday, April 23, 2010


woohoo nicies!
well it's been a marvelous week... we've met lots and lots of fabulous eco artists, celebrated earth day with wonderful eco ideas, and now... we have our first lucky LUCKY giveaway winner!

thanks so much to the fabulous pegg @ five forty for giving away one of her beautiful beautiful recycled rag rugs!

and so... selected #119.... adrienne ... of oh so retro! woohoo!

i love oh so retro's gorgeous work, fabulous use of colourful, beautiful fabrics and yay ... she's an amazing eco artist, too! yay to vintage fabrics!

{and i love what i just read in her blogger profile: when asked about her favourite movies, she replied: "i like the same movies you do. the ones with cute boys and bill murray."}

a kindred spirit indeed!
so visit oh so retro's beautiful shop.

and fear not nicies... didn't win this giveaway?
you still have 6 more giveaways to WIN! :)


check out all of the giveaways so far!

1. now closed!
2. a necklace by the *broken plate*, here. (ends today!)
3. a gorgeous eco chic seatbelt bag by *alamodestuff* here.
4. a fashionista's dream moo moo dress by *julesmae* here.
5. a lovely textile necklace by *vadjutka*, here.
6. a pair of fabulous wall pockets by *greencouchdesign*, here.
7. a gorgeous rose organza purse by *karen meyers* , here.


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  1. Yahoo!! Congratulations Adrienne!!
    I will be waiting for you to convo me with your address so that I can mail this wonderful rug to you!

    Thanks again Kristal, this was fun!

  2. OOOOOHHHH! So jealous. But to a great home! Congrats, Adrienne.

    ((shuffles off to WIN the rest!))

  3. *happy dance*

    A huge thank you to Rikrak Studio & Pegg from FiveFourty for this fab giveaway! Good luck to everyone who has entered the drawings for the rest of the week. :D


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thank you!