Thursday, April 8, 2010

pretending: sleepwear

pretty sleepwear

long length nightgown chemise by historika
sunshine sleep robe. cotton. by iroshka
women's organic sweet vintage-inspired sleep set by threadwren
organic cotton bamboo velour slip dress in ivory by econica


i'm not gonna lie to you.

i wear comfy jammies happily to bed every night!
love that!

but i've long been enamoured with pretty, flouncy, delightfully lovely nightwear. especially the kinds in lovely old movies from different eras.

how about you?
what sleepwear do you love?
or what would you sleep in, in pretend-ville?

sweet dreams, lovelies.
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  1. Ah, so pretty indeed. I love those pretty nightgowns. I do have several of them actually and sometimes I even put them on. I know my husband really likes that *cough*. But I have to admit: I'm always warm in bed, so eventually I kick them out. I just can't wear anything without feeling I'm suffocating.

    I do really love them though. And I always want more of them. Just because I think they are so pretty, you know? :-)

  2. Those are so pretty! They look like they'd make you feel like a princess :)

  3. I agree with Karin.. I can't wear clothes in bed but when I am camping or around people I wear boxers and a tank top

  4. I wear satin jamies. I love that they don't get curled up my legs when I sleep.
    They're somewhat cold in the winter, but I like them anyway :)

  5. ha! keep those clothes on in public, nicies! :)

    and i agree, mitzi - feel like a princess is right! :)


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