Monday, April 19, 2010

lucky #640!

woohoo! we have a lucky winner!
so great reading about everything that you nicies love from all of my lovely sponsors' shops in the recent *i love my sponsors giveaway!*

and so fun reading about your fave signs of spring! yay spring!

thanks to ... #640 is our winner! congrats to K is for Calligraphy! yay! this is such a gorgeous shop, filled with beautiful paper craft! i love love love how she combines lovely calligraphy with beautiful papery projects! *swoon* {ps: i notice she's close to 1000 etsy sales, too! let's help her get there!}

so congrats, nicey!
you've won yourself a fun shopping spree!

and hey, lovelies!
don't forget to enter the first 4 ECO WEEK giveaways, on right now, right here!

1. a beautiful handwoven recycled rag rug by *fiveforty* here!
2. a necklace by the *broken plate*, here.
3. a gorgeous eco chic seatbelt bag by *alamodestuff* here.
4. a fashionista's dream moo moo dress by *julesmae* here.
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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so excited! I better run out and get a lottery ticket too! And if I win that I will be able to purchase something from everyone! Thank you so much k! k is for rikrak!
    xo, katy

  2. Congratulations K!!! :)

    Isn't Kristal the best? :)


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