Thursday, April 1, 2010

slumber party {part 11} : what 3 names would you choose for yourself?


don't you just love a slumber party? comfy pjs, silly movies, telling your friends, old & new, your thoughts & crushes & dreams.... such fun! join us! you can catchup with some of our other slumber party fun here: and for today's party question: what 3 names would you love to have?
personalized note cards: hello my name is by naomilynn


happy april fools, nicies!
yay april!
in honour, i thought we'd slumber party about the prank of being someone you're not!
have you ever daydreamed you had another name?
what name would you choose for yourself, just for fun?
have you ever pretended you had a different name, you know,
faked it?

i'll go first!

MAGGIE: a quick peek into my childhood diaries and notebooks and you can fast see my early kindredness for the name maggie. many of my earliest writings as a young girl featured the main heroine *maggie*, and in childhood pretend play i recall often insisting others should call me this name. i still love it. to me it's charming and friendly and a good dose of wise and quick-witted.
i campaigned to call our new-to-us cat maggie. but he was a male. alas.


KATE: kate was my pseudonym of choice thru junior high and high-school, and the name many folks have answered about me during one of those fun party games: *what name should i be if i wasn't me?* w... hich intregues me! my little friends and i spent a LOT of time pretending we were in *university* long before we really had ANY idea what that was and i was always kate, as i felt it would be the *perfect* university woman name. love that! & there were always fabulous *kates* in old storybooks, who took the world by storm in big and small ways. i still love that one, too!


HELEN: i was so lucky growing up surrounded by so many wonderful great-aunts and older women. so we had lots of great *older* generation names and folks to look up to, and names to love! one was helen. i still think this is a fabulous, strong, beautiful name. i love it for it's so-called *old-fashionedness.* i hope it'll be revived in the passion today's parents are showing for names from this era!

i went through a long (LONG!) phase of using this as my fake name when talking to strangers while traveling! ooh what a secret life! "pleased to meet you... i'm helen!" love it! i think i might just try that again on my errands this afternoon!


okay! so i've confessed!

there are my choices for top 3 names i'd choose for myself.
now... let's snuggle into our cozy sleeping bags, open another bag of sour cream & onion chips, crank up the *tiffany*, giggle & whisper and hear yours! can't wait!

ps: editor's note: i made the name frames up with some old photos *photoshopped* with new text. sorry - they are not items available anywhere for sale!
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  1. 1. Myriam: my middle name, which I've used, mostly when random people ask what my name is and I don't really want to tell them... : )

    2.Emma: My favorite book, and a long-time favorite name. If I ever have a female dog or a daughter, her name will be Emma, and maybe for both!

    3. Mary: The middle name I picked for myself when I was four, which was changed to Myriam. Incidentally, I've been called many many different names by people who can't seem to remember mine, the most frequent of which has been Mary/Anne-Marie.... no idea why...

  2. When I was very young I wanted to go by Ruby because I had red hair and that just made sense. I love the names Violet, Hazel and Lola.

  3. I can only think of two:
    ~ Jasmine: My middle school name of choice. There was a teenage sister of Barbie for a while in the 80s/90s that was named Jazzy, and I thought it sounded 'sophisticated'. (Now I gasp!)

    ~ I think if I had to choose a new one today I would choose Audrey or Grace, in tribute to my favorite actresses... I swear I was born in the wrong era!

    It's funny, until you posted this I had forgotten all about that Jasmine era in my life... thanks for the memories! =)

  4. OOH FUN!
    1. Joanna: This was my grade 3 teacher's first name and I thought she was the best! I also love the shortform - Jo. So cool.


    2. Emma: I'm like Camile up there! It was a favorite book as well and I'm glad the name has been revived. There are little Emma's everywhere.

    I use fake names when filling out surveys all of the time! HA! But often times I go for funnier names. ME = BAD!!!

    Happy Easter!

  5. I had a phase where I called myself Elle, after my middle name, Michelle. Back then I thought I was going to be a semi-famous published author. Needless to say, that didn't happen and Elle was forgotten about.

    When I was a teenager I wanted to be known as Winnebago, Winnie for short. I can remember threatening to name my future daughter this to my mothers horror. Thankfully I managed to avoid teenage pregnancy and I don't have an angry 14 year old Winnie today.

    When I want to be incognito online I use the name Sakurasan. It's one of my favourite names, I've used it for several of my wallets in my shop.

  6. 1. Pippi - like Pippi Calzelunghe (Pippi Longstocking) the character in Astrid Lindgren's books - I loved her when I was little

    2. Gea (Earth) - simple and beautiful name

    3- Lola - just sound cool to me, need violet hair too a bob haircut for that name

    Strangely, I'm very happy with my name - sees like my parents knew me before knowing me :)

    (Daria - a Persian name, but if you write it like D'aria - means "from air", "airy" in Italian (I'm half italian), and Darya is "river" in hindi = I'm an aquarian, water from the skys (by definition) so when you combine it all it matches perfectly :)

  7. Nice question!

    "Reingard" was my grandmom's first name but I knew her with her second name... I already picked this name up to name my company, Reingard Design ;-)

    When I was a child I hated my name and wanted to be called "Cristina", but now I like my name!

    A friend of mine used to call me "Leni", another German-like name, as a shortcut for Eleonora.

  8. yay!
    so fun to read all of your fun secret (and not to secret) name loves!

    and i totally agree- thank goodness i never changed my name as a teenager when i thought other crazy names would be a great fit for me!

    and like many of you - i love me own name too! it's just fun to pretend sometimes, isn't it! :)

    keep them coming, sweeties!

  9. I used to use the name "Quinn" on surveys and anything I knew I'd receive junk mail from... I'm a bit over the name, but I loved it then!

    In day-to-day life I get to cheat a bit and use my 'legal' first name for all things crafty {the initials of the name are R.J.}. I was never called by said name, my parents just liked the flow of having it first... and it caused much angst in my youth! *lol* But now I love having an alternate name that is still my actual name!

  10. I enjoyed this post. When we our given our names, at birth (or before birth) they are basically meaningless until we "grow into" them. Then our names take on WHO we are... I find that fascinating.

    Here are a few names, that I've always liked:

    1. Laurel - it just has such a tranquil sound to it. (So long as it's not coupled with 'Hardy'. heh!)

    2. Zhi (智)- in Chinese it means "wisdom, knowledge". My father is Chinese, and I've always wanted a real Chinese name.

    3. Abigail (Abby for short) - my favorite female Bible character in the book of Samuel. I love this name for so many reasons.

  11. When I was a pre-teen and all the girls were talking about what their names meant, we would look up my name (Lana) and it said: see Helen. Helen meant light, but all I could think of was that my name wasn't meaningful enough on its own. :(

    So, I wanted to use my middle name Marlene. No one remembered to call me that.

    Another name I wished was mine: Trixie, from the Trixie Belden books. I wasn't as spunky and out-going as Trixie though and probably should have gone with Honey or Diana, the other girls in the T.B. books.

    This was fun! :)

  12. I've always been happy enough with my name (Vanessa), but I confess there was a time that I thought it would be fun to go by my French-class name, Yvonne.

    And I always thought my grandmother's middle name, Maurine, was beautiful.

  13. What a fun post! For me there are 3 names that I actually didn't choose for myself but had eventually grown to like:

    1. Mars (short for Marlene): My family (dad, brothers, aunts, cousins) all call me by this name. Back in elementary school, I used to hate it cuz I was a bit of a tom-boy and this nickname didn't help me to be any girly-er. ;p

    2. Marzy (a sweeter, more girly version of Mars): My two closest friends call me best friend whom I've known since I was 1..and my boyfriend, who is now my hubby. :)

    3. Moo (derived and sounded out from my initials): My highschool buddies call me by this name till this day. Got this name when we went bowling together and we all just entered in our initials, and mine was MW. Didn't like it at first, but now I don't mind it at all and find it actually kinda cute and funny that whenever my friends are calling out to me, they're mooing like a cow.. ;p

  14. Oh, there is no question - Tallulah is me all the way. for the drama of course (can you see me flipping my hair?) and for the big sound of it.


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