Tuesday, April 27, 2010

early bird catches the worm!

here we are @ the results for eco week giveaway # 4 of 7. so fabulous reading your lovely words, nicies! today i'm thankful to the lovely jules mae design for her gorgeous ooak moomoo prize!
and random.org chose ... #6 for us! yessirree bob! the early bird {entry!} got the worm! congrats to lovely blogger sandyalamode. gosh - what a gorgeous, inspiring blog you have, sandy! filled with lovely images, yummy recipes and great ideas! hope you'll show us a pic of you in your beautiful new moomoo! so head on over to sandyalamode!

and fear not.. there are still 3 more giveaways to WIN this week here on the rikrak studio!



1. giveaway now closed!

2. giveaway now closed!

3. giveaway now closed!
4. giveaway now closed!
5. a lovely textile necklace by *vadjutka*, here. {ends wednesday!}
6. a pair of fabulous wall pockets by *greencouchdesign*, here. {ends thursday!}
7. a gorgeous rose organza purse by *karen meyers* , here.
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