Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the ekphrastic challenge { part three } : monet

La Promenade by Claude Monet. 1875


bravo, superstars!
the 2nd round of the ekphrastic challenge was met with fabulous nominations and suggestions! i just loved seeing your artistic interpretations of the art & the tones that create it!

so as requested: round #3!

today we're oohing and aahing at a painting i've long loved for it's springtimey lure: Claude Monet's La Promenade.

i just love those gorgeous hues, the textured brushstrokes, the spring wind gently rushing thru that gorgeous blue sky, and the spring green grasses rustling. thought it might be perfect for today's spring weather!

so, here's the challenge for you:

using the idea of ekphrasis , a "graphic or artistic description/representation of a visual work of art."
study the colours of the painting above, and/or the colour palette generated to match it (see above) . leave a link here to a handmade item of yours, (or another's) that is inspired by these colours + tones!

in about a week, i'll compile the suggestions and post them as our 3rd collective *ekphrastic response.*
just keep in mind, i'm looking for handmade works that fit the colour-palette of this piece! thanks!

so show me your springtime *monet*, nicies!
can't wait to see what you come up with!

and may your day be filled with gorgeous tones!
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  1. wow. This is a really cool post idea. I'm anxious to see what submissions you get! I might have to submit one of my own. :)

    Bre @

  2. I love this idea! You are awesome. I happen to be working with some of these colors right now so I'll definitely post a link soon. :D

  3. yohooooo, another challenge!
    *off to search for suitable ingredients*

  4. I love these!
    Feathery Plumes Watercolor

  5. fantastic!
    can't wait to see 'em, sweeties!

  6. I LOVE these challenges!
    This is what I found in my shop, although the week isn't over - I might try to create something just for this challenge. But in the meantime...

  7. this is such a cool idea :) love it and can't wait to see the next one!

    i also tagged you on my blog today:

    have a great day!

  8. I love this painting by Monet!

    Here's my ceramic dish with matching colour tones:

    Charlotte @

  9. ooo - i missed the last one
    here is an item from my vintage shop that i think could work

  10. More fun stuff! What about this quilt that I made?

  11. I made some wool acorns in a green spring color that might fit the bill. The caps have been covered in verdigris so it has touches of greens as well.

  12. Cool challenge! Most of my items are vintage not handmade. Here's my vintage pick:

    and here's one of my handmade items:

    Ooo love your little acorns Lisa!

  13. I love this idea. My own creations are a bit on the bright side for this one, but what about this fabulous treat jar from KbOriginalsetc

    Look forward to seeing the collection.

  14. I love these challenges!

    Green Owlet:

  15. Nice idea... I'm not sure how I missed the other ones :)
    Here are a couple things that I have made that fit the colours and springy theme.

    Now off to check out the other links.

    thanks for keeping things interesting and fun as usual.


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