Tuesday, April 27, 2010

call for submissions!

queen anne's lace by kristen wicklund


1. do you have something special that your mom or grandmother or motherly-figure handmade?
2.would you like to share a little story behind why it's so special to you for a mother's day rikrak studio post?

3.can you send me a lovely photo of the item?

if you answered yes to all of the above, i'd love to hear from you! mother's day is a special time to give thanks to all those wonderful moms in our lives, and the handmade gifts mom's receive are so precious. this year, however, i'm looking to feature some fun folks {around mother's day} who'd love to share something special that their mom or grandma or mother's figure handmade!

if that's you - please email me the following at rikrakmail @ yahoo.com by friday, april 30th.

1. please put *handmade mother's day* as the title of your message.
2. your first name (or shop name, if you'd prefer) & link to your shop (if you have one)
3. a description of the special item your motherly figure handmade for you.

4. a little bit about the item; why is it so meaningful to you?

5. have you ever handmade things with this special person? if yes, tell me more!

6. what did you learn about handmaking from this special person?

7. attach a beautiful, natural-lit photo of the item. {by sending me the email, you are allowing me (the rikrak studio) to use your image for sharing with my lovely readers. however, the image is still, of course, yours!}

i will try to feature as many nicies and your motherly handmade keepsakes as i can!

can't wait to see your submissions!

queen anne's lace (with student for scale) by kristen wicklund
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