Friday, March 26, 2010

super sleuths!

over here.
rikrak studio readers: your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ALL
quit your day jobs and become sleuths!

that's right! hang up your 9-to-5 hats and cloak yourselves in fashionable spy-ware and
gosh ... embrace that inner detective!

last week i challenged you to uncover which fun celebrities were behind the 8 autographs i gave you! fantastic figuring out, nicies!

the results are:

1 Sofia Coppola - famous director
2 President Barack Obama - famous politician

3 Bono - famous musician

4 Margaret Atwood - famous writer

5 Audrey Hepburn - famous movie star

6 Sidney Crosby - famous athlete

7 Oprah Winfrey - famous host

i thought a couple were legible, and the others totally not (like my own wonderfully messy, impossible-for-even-me-to-read handwriting!) but wow - you nicies guessed 'em!

as promised, this challenge's super sleuths are (with a mini-feature!) ...

supersleuth #1: Cinnamon Breeze is a sweet little shop that mixes housewares, accessories and fun vintage finds! love these typography-adoring coasters of hers in this sweet little pouch! and over on her lovely blog, i know you'll enjoy her wonderful articles, such as her sherlock-inspired (yay sleuths!) nostalgia posts!


supersleuth #2: ulixis - she's a wonderful artist & scientist who can now add *supersleuth* to her credentials! visit amanda's lovely shops for jewelry for all occasions , paper creations & sewn sweeties! she's a real nicey and i just love her superfinds she posts on her lovely blog, too.


supersleuth #3: pulp & paisley: ahhh... a little visit to the shop of pulp & paisley and you know she's a kindred supersleuth spirit: a wonderful love of discovering prints and textures and patterns; an avid thrifter, mommy, sunday-afternooner. love it! (and she lives in one of my fave parts of ontario: prince edward county - yay sandbanks!) ... be sure to check out her lovely jewelry collections, and follow her fun tweets here.

and supersleuth #4: L'ubasa! congrats on figuring them all out, too, nicey! she's such a great sleuth that she keeps all of her links hidden! wise to do, spy genius!


and yes... as in all things, i learned a good lesson myself.
folks suggested that next time i have you email me your answers. good thinking. i thought by having folks post here it'd be more likely we'd all participate. but i can appreciate that once some guesses were up - it was awkward repeating. so thanks for the suggestions!

live and learn. learn and live!

that's what sleuths need to do!

thanks to everyone who played.
and look for another fun challenge next week.
til then ...
1) don't forget to enter the *bunny with a toolbelt* giveaway.
2) send me your eco-friendly submission ideas.

have a weekend filled with figuring-out, uncovering great stuff, and super sleuthing!

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  1. Cute stuff! I love that pdf pattern girl!

  2. Cool! I missed the "contest!" I love Ulixis' shop!

  3. Amanda from Ulixis is a real "nicey" that's for sure! Beautiful jewelry and awesome paperart finds!


  4. thanks so much for the great feature! it was a fun mystery! :)

    BAHAHAHAHA - the word i have to type for the word verification: turds. LOL

  5. Thank you very much! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. oh i LOVE that necklace by uli! congemulations on this beautiful feature!

    siempre- dorana

  7. ahahahah you're too funny!


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