Tuesday, March 16, 2010

challenge: autographs!

page from a vintage autograph book via playingwithbrushes

i've always been fascinated with people's signatures.
how about you?

i find the real study of
handwriting analysis an interesting one, although i personally know nothing of it. in cyber world, i think the fonts we choose to use are a bit like mechanical autographs, but nothing really can replace a real, life handwritten message or signature in my mind. two fun things to do today, handwriting lovers:

1) a fun little challenge for you! (there's a PRIZE!)

below i've included 7 famous-folk signatures. let's see if you can, for fun, decipher whose is whose! i have very illegible handwriting most of the time, so i love seeing other's signatures! some seem earier than others!

in no particular order, here are some clues:

a) all of the people are alive, except one.

b) the autographs belong to, in no particular order:

a famous athlete
a famous writer
a famous musician
a famous politician
a famous movie star
a famous host
a famous director

c) the athlete & the writer are canadian.
d) 3 are men, 4 are women.
enter your guesses below.

whoever guesses the most right will win a mini-feature on the blog next week! yay! if there is a tie-for the most correct, i'll try to feature as many of you as i can! yay!

autograph 1 .................

autograph 2 .................

autograph 3 .................

autograph 4 .................

autograph 5 .................

autograph 6 .................
autograph 7 .................

{i apologize. i know i'm usually a stickler for linking to sources, but just for the next couple of days i'm leaving the links off. i'll come back and add them after the answer reveal so they'll all be TRUE guesses! yay!}

2) hop on over to
quiztron for this non-scientific glimpse into your own handwriting style. i scored a *smart and intelligent* based on 8 questions. hmmmm.... oh well... i'll take it... but i wonder what the *other* results might be? eek! tell us your results below! waddaya think?
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  1. Hi! This was a lot of fun! My answers are:

    1 Sofia Coppola
    2 President Barack Obama
    3 Bono
    4 Margaret Atwood
    5 Audrey Hepburn
    6 Sidney Crosby
    7 Oprah Winfrey


  2. P.S. My quiztron handwriting result was the same :)

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  4. My results are:
    1. Sofia Coppola (F) director
    2. Barack Obama (M) politician
    3. Bono Vox (M) musician
    4. margaret Atwood (F) writer - CDN
    5. Audrey Hepburn (F) actress - dead
    6. Sidney Crosby (M) athlete - CDN
    7. Oprah Winfrey (F) host

    Very interesting game. thanks.
    Lubica K.

  5. I only figured out two of them. Audrey Hepburn and Oprah Winfrey. I am also partial to handwritten items, though I will usually type stuff and just sign it afterwards. I don't like my handwriting a whole lot. I did use my own handwriting as my signature on my blog though.

  6. 1. Sofia Coppola (director)
    2. Barack Obama (politician)
    3. Bono (musician)
    4. Margaret Atwood (author)
    5. Audrey Hepburn (actress)
    6. Sidney Crosby (athlete)
    7. Oprah Winfrey (host)

    that's my best guess - not too sure about 1 of them...

  7. 1. Sofia Coppola
    2. Barack Obama
    3. Bono
    4. Margaret Atwood
    5. Audrey Hepburn
    6. Sidney Crosby - if it weren't for the # I'd have no clue!
    7. Oprah Winfrey

  8. oooh! you guys are GOOD! i could read a couple, but the illegible ones i think are HARD! i'll reveal the answers next week! yay!

    keep those guesses coming!

  9. I got them all, but only after seeing the answer for number 6 in the comments!! maybe next time we should email the answers in!! I'd feel like such a cheat to write them in now. :) It was good fun.

  10. good thought, samantha!
    i thought putting them here folks would be more inclined to *do it!* :) but maybe it's more nerve wracking! :)

    thanks all!
    yay for great guessing!


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