Monday, March 1, 2010

handmaking with kids: online flipbook

happy march, fabulous folks!
thought we'd start things off in the best possible way: something superfun to do!

a great intro-animation site for youngins AND a wonderful little pick-me-up for all of our day-to-days, bennetton play (yes - of the bennetton) offers superfun online DIY projects, my superfave being the FLIPBOOK deluxe.

incase you haven't had the fun of it yet, just head here: no need to even login to play. with (or without!) a little one, you can easily build online mini-animated flipbooks (of up to 100 pages) - little rikrak and i joyfully worked on many! - here's one of rikrak that we did in about 3 mins and about 10 frames.

when you're making your animation: you can also copy from the page before to get an exact match of a drawing (it's the last function on the right side under the drawing box) OR simply see a pale image on your next page to help guide you of where to place your next drawing.

little rikrak LOVED it!
and the best part - you can instantly *animate* them and watch your creations come ALIVE! delightful!

it was a great learning for both of us about the amazing world of animation.
{and after little rikrak went to sleep - mr. rikrak and i found it endlessly entertaining, too! woohoo!}

so have fun!

and add your links below so i can see what you came up with! :)

once you're done that - two other fun things to do today on the blog:
1. last day to enter and WIN the tickled pink knits custom bracelet/cuff giveaway.
2. still a day or two to submit your 2-part ensembles for the ACADEMY AWARDS red carpet! i'll be showcasing them later this week!
yay you!

happy handmaking, nicies!

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  1. That IS fun! Now I suspect no work will get done today! HA!! Thanks!

  2. love your blog :) Is anyone else having trouble getting to ???? I'm so bummed :( Its in my favorites and all of a sudden I can't bring it up, help please.

  3. You always make me smile! :) Thank you. I can see how addictive it will be.

  4. This was so much fun! my son and I had a blast. Here's what it looks like!

  5. yay!
    glad you like it, too, nicies!

    zion-shore: yours is amazing! excellent work! i bet it was fun making it!

    and that's a good question, kimberj: i'll look into it, too!

  6. wow! this looks amazing (judging from your sweet little animation up there. This could keep me busy for weeks! thanks for sharing the awesome :)

  7. this is so much fun! I love it! what a fun little project to do with the kids@!

  8. Cute and fun, thanks for sharing!

    Can you believe March is here already? I was so excited about the sunshine in my window yesterday and this morning that I'm going to sew a spring dress today!

    I love being inspired that way :)


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