Friday, March 5, 2010

challenge REVEAL: your handmade oscar looks {part 2 of 2}

what they're wearing!
21. our beautiful friend deanna wears: lovejune + SamiLouBoutique
22. jessica wears: prizysebastian + RikiCraft
kate dotson wears: ouma + DavieandChiyo
24. one crafty fox wears: kalioseano + Jealousy Design
SimplyInvitingCards wears: OblivionClothing + DreamCatcher Studios


good heavens ... you beauties look gorgeous!
so move over hollywood starlets!
zillion-dollar designer outfits have nothing on our amazing handmaking community!

after a splendid entrance by the lovelies in part one of our walk down the Oscars red carpet yesterday, (shield your pretty eyes from the blinding paparazzi flash bulbs, cuties!) .. i know you'll join me in oohing and aahing at today's handmade Academy Awards looks!

thanks again so much to everyone who played.
sorry i couldn't include everyone this time around. but you all look STUNNING!

so yay to handmade + vintage!

& how lucky your celebrity dates are escorting you!
see you at the *afterparties*, cutiepies.

and have a glamorous, megawatt-smile weekend,
whether your strutting your stuff on the red carpet or dancing in your kitchen.
see you monday, superstars!


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  1. *Vadjutka is totally drooling over dreanna's white dress, and wonders if she would be kind enough to change dresses in the break with her*

  2. Wonderful pics, everyone of them! Just gorgeous!!

  3. Love ALL of them! If I had to choose I think 21 and 23 are my favorites.

    You all have a great eye for fashion!!!!!

  4. I have actually attended the Oscars..1997, the year of Titanic. Can't describe how exciting and cool it was to rub elbows with hundreds of famous people. I held Mat Damons Oscar and the Governors Ball was fabulous!

  5. Yay! I'm SO GLAD you featured that green dress out of the three I nominated! It was my favorite and absolutely the one I would pick if I was really going to the Oscars!
    You have the MOST FUN challenges and I look forward to them with glee!

  6. Ooh! Thanks so much for including my picks :)

    A very striking collection!

  7. yay!
    i think you all look gorgeous, too, nicies ... so thanks for playing!

    vadjutka: isn't that outfit fabulosu? wow!

    deanna's the loveliest of people so i'm *sure* she'll swap dresses 1/2 way with ya! :)

    and janet: i can't believe you've BEEN to the oscars! holey moley! that's so fun!

    & thanks for the kind cheers, all!
    have a great weekend!

  8. Ooooooh! What lovely finds in our handmade community. I wish I were going to the Oscars and could wear several of these ensembles!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography


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