Thursday, March 18, 2010


1/2 birthday cupcake by lizzie's tea party

well march marks two of my fave folks in the world's birthdays (more on that later!) ... and also a very special first 1/2 birthday to 3 lovely new baby friends.
happy 6 months/ 1/2 birthday to l + n's n. , t + j's m, and a + k's f.

oh 1/2 birthdays!
i never knew the joy of one til we had our own little sweetie.
and then it all made sense... gosh - those 6 months ARE such a milestone, aren't they?
you made it! you all made it! phew!

we celebrate little rikrak's with a little singing and partying and 1/2 treats on the 1/2 years.
how about you? into 1/2 birthdays with your kids, your nieces and nephews, grandkiddies?

what do you do to celebrate?

i wonder how long we can celebrate them for?
i'm pushing for FOREVER! :)


custom birthday hat by Sweetnsassybaby

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  1. Aaaw, I'm really liking this idea!! How cute!! =-D

    And you're right: 6 months is definitely a big milestone!

  2. happy half B-day for little rikrak!
    we never had this...but sometimes I wonder, that it would be a great idea to celebrate your no-birthdays than your least there are much more no-birthdays than birthdays :-)
    I guess I read it in Winnie the Pooh :-)

  3. Yay! We celebrate half-birthdays at our house! Half-birthdays get celebrated with the honoree's favorite cupcakes, some small treats, and the honor of being "King" or "Queen" of the day. I love it, especially as my kiddies are small and a whole year takes a long time to come around! :)
    Plus, that's ten reasons in our house to have cake and cupcakes throughout the year - not going to turn that down!

  4. half birthdays rock!!! i always celebrate them :)

  5. I've never celebrated a half-birthday, but we do occasionally celebrate Happy Unbirthdays!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  6. I'm more inclined to celebrate unbirthdays. Half birthdays are a big milestone in the first year, but I don't think we'll ever celebrate it.

    My half birthday falls on Boxing Day, while my partner's dog was put down on his half birthday. So, not really a reason to celebrate.

  7. AW!! thanks K. :) sending big baby kisses your way! It certainly feels like a huge milestone here, and it's a really nice feeling to know others' feel the same way. XOXO from all of us, and the half-birthday girl.

  8. My girls are exactly to the day 2 1/2 years apart. So they do get to enjoy a party on their half birthday - it's just focused on their sister not them.

  9. oh, as a december baby i always had half birthdays growing up, you can only toboggan so much! Now I have a little saggitarius myself, and she is over the moon for summer tea parties :) Cheers to Moms who get it...

  10. love hearing everyone's happy 1/2 birthday ,and *un*birthday thoughts!

    great traditions, nicies.
    yay celebrating!


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