Thursday, March 11, 2010

handmaking with kids: march break ideas!

well next week it's march break here in my little part of the world: a week when the kiddies are off school and i'm always looking for fabulous & fun things to do and make and learn about with little rikrak!

so i thought i'd gather a few fabulous handmaking with kids projects from around the blogosphere so all those mommies & care-givers can have a bit of a head-start on readying the supplies for these fun-filled handmaking projects!

i've included some for little hands and some for older kids, too! we all need a little handmaking on the march break!
* love ALL of high on craft's great March Break Boredom Busters, most especially this fab cornstarch clay recipe (i made a similar one last year with little rikrak - it's AMAZING!)

* moss terrarium project by artmind via poppytalk

* or artmind's fabulous paper beads

* carina's sharing beautiful free embroidery patterns in springy tones

* photojojo's fun make your own photo journal

* maya*made suggests this great kite tutorial
* and maya*made's blow art monsters look superfun!
* try this great trashion recycled mini notebooks tutorial

* fun soaps for kids to make on whipup

* get those kiddies organized with this fun cereal box storage unit from ecoetsy

* make your own finger paint from martha stewart

* or maybe learn some basic weaving with martha

* and finally, i can imagine children of EVERY age adoring these gorgeous paper wigs to add a little fantastical fun to the week!
happy handmaking!
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  1. Thanks so much for this list. It's awesome! I think we're going to be making some blow art monsters today!

  2. THANKS! This is just what we need this week. Have fun next week!!!

  3. Great ideas! Thank you so much! I think we're going to be trying the cereal box storage unit as soon as possible with my 4 year old.

  4. great ideas! i like to take the kid projects out there and *adultify* them for me :) thanks!

  5. Super post, RikRak! Thanks so much for adding my tuto's!
    I was just thinking up new ones while making singing birdies! :)

  6. Umm... I think I might love you a little. My kids are going to have the best spring break!!! Thanks so much <3

  7. Great!! I will check these out as my niece is coming to stay with me for a few days.


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