Friday, March 12, 2010

my favourite things: garlic

garlic fine art print by jennifer squires

i'm afraid i don't know much about the recent slew of vampire-craziness with the twilight books & movies, but i do know one thing: i, 100%, must NOT be a vampire ...

(phew! right?
just incase you were a) wondering or b) worried about that!)

here's my proof. i LOVE garlic. i'd safely have to say it's by FAR one of my most favourite foods in the whole world. and many of my fave foods in life have garlic as their key ingredient.

like hummous (perhaps my most favourite food to make in the world.) i like it heavy with the garlic & lemon!

and kimchi. YUM!

and garlic raw in any form.

and well ANYTHING that has garlic in it - i'm pretty much sure to adore!

i know. i know!

garlic is stinky.
and i hear ya - it can ruin a your breath for after dinner kissing. but i say: garlic - i love you!
and if you're on my side of the garlic-fence, i know you'll adore these yummy garlic-heavy recipes in heavy rotation these days at the rikrak home:

:: mchen's delicious garlic pitachip recipe ::
:: my fave carrot ginger (& garlic!) salad dressing ::
:: via five forty, rebar's delicious falafel burgers (i love EVERYTHING i've ever made in my rebar cookbook, by the way! YUM!)
:: and not for the faint of heart, how about trying the barefoot contessa's chicken with 40 cloves of garlic! my kinda dish!

have a favourite garlicy-friendly recipe you'd love to share?
please add the link below!

how about you?
yay or nay to garlic?
not too many fence-sitters on this one, i bet! :)
a flavourful weekend to ya, nicies!

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  2. I looove garlic! I even put it on bread in its raw format :-)

    And do you know that it is the only natural antibiotics?

    About after dinner kissing: garlic may not be a problem if both of us eat it :-)

  3. Funny you should ask! I just posted my hummus recipe :-)

    I love garlic! I agree with's amazing in bread in it's raw format!

  4. We are HUGE garlic fans in our house and it is SOOO good for you, too! We actually have a 40 cloves with Chicken recipe (yes...we place the importance on the good part! HA!) and it is in our regular rotation because we love it so much!

  5. Cuban black bean soup with 10 cloves of garlic and red pepper puree - we live on garlic here. No colds in this house...

  6. gimme garlic!!!! I LOVE garlic, oh the smell, the taste, everything! mmm... sooo hooray, we are not Vampires!! how exciting is that?! :)

  7. No recipe, but just to say - I adore garlic! We put it in everything! But it's hard to find really good delicious garlic, the slightly red one.
    Well - YAY! for garlic!

  8. I too love garlic, especially roasted. And I have done the 40 clove chicken more than once!

  9. I looovvveee Garlic pasta and bread YUM

  10. YUM! I LOVE garlic and can't wait to try these delicious recipes! Thanks!

  11. I agree, as long as both parties have garlic, after-dinner-kissing is completely acceptable!

    Thanks for using my photograph with your article!

  12. Ooh, I love garlic! There is a giveaway over at my blog, I'd like to invite you to join :)

  13. I'm a garlic lover. I'm convinced that it keeps me from getting sick very often - and shortens the few illnesses that I do get!

    Thinking about trying to grow my own this year for fun ...

  14. there is NEVER enough garlic.
    except in custard.

  15. yay garlic!
    so glad we can all stick together!
    go GARLIC!

  16. MY maiden name is bet I love garlic ;-)

    Gilroy, Ca...garlic capitol of the world!

  17. Here's a comfort food for you garlic lovers! Poached chicken, with a very very garlicky sauce...

    First, the chicken...
    Clean and wash a whole chicken, then rub the skin with salt
    Get a pot large enough to hold the whole chicken submerged in plenty of water
    Fill the pot with water and bring to a rolling boil at full power
    Immerse the chicken
    When the the water returns to a rolling boil, reduce the heat a bit and allow to cook for about 5 minutes
    Cover the pot, and remove from the heat. The trick now is that the water's residual heat slowly cooks the chicken through - that's why you needed the big pot
    After about 30 minutes, take out the chicken and plunge it into another big pot of ice water for a few seconds
    Finally, put the chicken aside for 30 minutes - it's still cooking itself through on the inside

    While waiting, the garlic arrives...
    Finely chop as many garlic cloves as you want - the more the merrier
    Finely chop some ginger
    Chop a spring onion or two
    Put it all in a bowl
    Add hot vegetable oil to just below the level of the garlic/ginger/etc
    Add light soya sauce to bring the level above the garlic/ginger/etc

    Now, you need a heavy cleaver for this bit:
    Chop the chicken up into chunks, bone and all. Blood *in* the bones is OK - billions of chinese eat this and live! However, if meat *around* the bones is raw, you haven't cooked it enough.

    Enjoy with plain boiled rice - take a chunk of chicken, pour on some of that garlicky sauce!


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