Thursday, March 4, 2010

challenge REVEAL: your handmade oscar looks {part 1 of 2}

what they're wearing!
11. ulixis wears: prizysebastian + yorktownroad
12. lily wears: carolhannah + whiteowl
13. ada rosman wears: vrreis + ada rosman
14. hotbutter wears: timelessvixenvintage + hotbutter
15. bnazar wears: VeraVague + bnazar


look out RED CARPET!
don't you all look GORGEOUS!

last week i challenged you to show me your 2-piece handmade & vintage ensembles that you'll be wearing to the academy awards sunday - and i just LOVE that you came up with. your responses were overwhelmingly fabulous!

i love them so much that i decided to show you 20 of them instead of just 10!

hope you enjoy the 1st 10 today - and visit us here again on the red carpet TOMORROW for the rest!

stunning, aren't they?
gosh i love that handmade can do!

{don't forget to tell us over in yesterday's post who your celebrity DATES will be for the oscars, too! i LOVE the supercute answers!}


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  1. Wow! There are some good looking combinations. I have a feeling my etsy wish list will be expanding this afternoon. :D

    See you ladies at the Oscars!

  2. Gorgeous looks! :)
    Loved the combinations.

  3. aaah, stunning combos!!
    I cannot choose between number 11, 19 and them all!

  4. I'd wear all of these:)

    Thanks for including my look:)ory

  5. Oooh! Look how fine we all are ladies! So many choices...I will have to take them all please!

  6. Everyone has such better taste than I do! :)

  7. Oh, so chic, all of them!
    Handmade beats a ready-made garment any day:)

  8. Such fab looks, darlings! I'll be keeping my eye out for you on the red carpet :)

  9. all of the looks are wonderful! thank you for including my look.

  10. These are really beautiful combinations! Love them!

    Jennie Harland

  11. Stunning! Thank you so much for including our look!

  12. Amazing items! The color of that 1st plum dress is incredible...hmmm I can't pick between 11 and 12, lol. So lovely.

  13. Gorgeous choices! I would love to wear any of these... Makes me want to get all dressed up.

    Thank you!


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