Monday, March 15, 2010

international quilt day!

vintage fabric quilted clutch purses by me! :)

yay quilts.
this saturday is international quilt day!

readers familiar with my little blog or shop might know that i'm quilting-obsessed, and so i'm especially delighted when i read of other fun quilters or quilt-lovers popping in to visit here!


i'm so lucky that my grandma, an expert quilter, inspired and taught me all about the joy of patchwork quilting, and our home we cherish the numerous handmade quilts by our various wonderful grandmas!

and if by any chance you have a sec, pop by the etsy voter this week, for an AMAZING array of quilted items up for voting! i'm HONOURED to be part of the nominees, alongside some of my etsy quilting heroes!

(those are my little vintage fabric clutches up for VOTING! yay!)


AND i thought we'd start off the lead up to this fantastic international quilt day with a little quilting-hop!

please add your links below to one of your fave quilts, quilted items you've either made, or adore of someone else's. maybe it's a blog post about a fave quilt of yours, or an item from your own handmade shop! then we can all hop-along and revel in the quilted beauty!

have a fave quilting pattern?
or a you more of a modern-free-stylist?
yay quilting!
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  1. i once made a quilt with recycled fabric - it took a long time and drove my husband crazy! but i love it <3

  2. Thanks for bringing International quilt day to my attention! I am new to quilting, with about 10 quilts under my belt (er, sewing machine). My favorite I have made is the triangle quilt that I posted a link to-it's my own design and I am proud of it! Another fav is Red Pepper Quilt's half square triangle quilt

  3. i voted for you in the voter today!

  4. oh thanks so much for sharing your great quilting tales, nicies!
    and love seeing those quilts!
    keep them coming!

    (and thanks for the vote, katie!)

  5. I love quilts and admire those who have the skills to create such beauty. It's always a favorite stop at the county fair to see the beautiful work! BTW, I voted for you!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  6. What a fun post! I linked Bug Jar Quilts by fellow Etsy seller MarysQuilts because I was a little bug hunter when I was a kid and these tags are just too cute!

    I voted for you as well, and honestly, your quilting really was my fav in the set!

  7. Those are beautiful! I have never attempted quilting but would love to someday soon.

  8. aw thanks, nicies, for all of the kind votes!

    and keep those links coming!

    let's add more quilts to our quilt hop!


  9. I quilted a pretty handbag in my etsy shop..I was quite proud of it!

    I used my free motion feature on my sewing machine.


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!