Tuesday, March 2, 2010

with thanks!

happy tuesday, lovelies!
well i have some long overdue thanks i'd like to send out today!
thankfully, my parents showed me the value of a sincere thank you note, and that while best written as soon as you can, that it's never too late to show your gratitude...

so...some thanks for kindnesses...


thanks to all of you nicies for your delightful comments, following my little blog, and for leaving such friendly comments each day! it's a treat to see that real-live folks are reading the blog ( i know that you other bloggers out there know what i mean! :) , and i cherish that so much! i'm so lucky to have such a fabulous bunch of folks with with me in bloggyville!

thank you card by papersquid


i'm lucky to get asked a lot about *how did you grow your little handmaking business*. well here's one of the most important things that made it possible: being kindly featured in other handmakers treasuries, blogs and interviews. i'm eternally thankful for that. i think that is no doubt one of the most important/lucky things that has helped my business to grow to where it is today. i'm so thankful for that!

so... thanks so much to all of the nicies who've been featuring me in their lovely Etsy treasuries. a special shout out to those seen here below, who included me in treasuries that went to the front page on Etsy in the days leading up to the Holidays (and one from more recently!) many thanks to:

and... i'm also long-overdue in thanking the many many nicies who featured my handmade works (or kindly interviewed me!) on their beautiful blogs before the holidays! it's always such an honour, and i'm so grateful to the following lovelies:

apartment therapy
design for mankind
best green home tips
pencil shavings
cool mom picks & here
the design file
fresh fuzz
lmnop magazine
scoutiegirl blog
upscale baby
diamonds in the rough
bohemian vintage
great green goods
inspired by etsy
decor addict

and finally, thanks so very much to the nicies who have kindly sent lovely blog awards my way! what a treat! be sure to visit these lovely blogs, and stay tuned for followups on doing my part to share the awards further!

thanks and thanks again, nicies! hope your day is filled with gratitude!
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  1. Your welcome. You have a lovely blog and shop oh so talented. Hugs and blessings, DE

  2. Your own generosity is inspiring. Thanks to you, too!

  3. Very lovely and very well deserved (all of the notice your shop has gotten). You are so very talented!

  4. Very sweet of you to acknowledge all of the support and recognition you have received. And I really love the thank you note by Papersquid. I'm going to go over and check out her shop...

  5. It's always good to give thanks. Glad to see that there are people in the world willing to share the 'spotlight'. Congrats on everything, you seem to deserve it!

  6. You are one of the nicest bloggers around, always doing something, featuring someone from the handmade community.I just don't know how you do it all (do you have a clone?)

  7. woooohhhooo. what a nice lovely long thank you list! i am happy to know you dear.. you are very sweet..

    thanks so much too..

  8. you are one of my blogging heroes! just thought i would let you know :)

  9. you are so very welcome and so completely deserving of your success! not only is your work amazing, you're also such a swell person. kudos to you for being you.

  10. What a lovely presentation of thankfulness! Well done!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
    Blog of Note

  11. Thank you for a lovely blog that is a pleasure to read :)

  12. Aw....you're a sweetheart! Thanks for the thanks!

    Love your blog, love your work, and you're a dear.

  13. Great blog and it is nice to see the variety of work out there. Love the Papersquid note.

  14. Aah. So nice to spread the love in the blogosphere! Your welcome, and thank YOU for the mention here :)

  15. This is so nice..Your work is amazing!!You are welcome and thank you very much for sharing! :)

  16. K, you deserve to be where you are...you're a Mama, and you craft and blog...
    You are an inspiration and are extremely creative with it!..and I love to see what you're up to on a daily basis.
    One day we must meet up and have a Tea!
    HUGS sweet friend.

  17. you're welcome! and thanks for the mention! - keep making pretty things!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!