Wednesday, March 24, 2010

handmaking change: what are you doing for earth hour?

okay creative handmakers!
it's global earth hour on saturday march 27th @ 8:30 pm.
are you in?

the premise is, for me, super & simple: wherever we live, let's all turn off our lights for one hour to show our support against climate change.

this year over 120 countries will officially participate. and while we all know EVERY hour is a good hour to help the earth, i think the power of all at once working together on change is a great idea! check out the earth hour site for listings of great things going on in your part of the world & great ideas for earth hour, and follow the official tweets here.

last year i asked what you wonderful nicies did/planned to do for earth hour.
the responses were fantastic!

so let's share again!
participating in earth hour? HOW?
having a candlelit party with family?
attending a vigil with folks in your town or city?
taking a chance to enjoy the light-free quiet?

let's show the world what HANDMAKERS can do for change!
tell me here and on monday i'll feature as many of you as i can!

and take a picture during earth hour if you can! and add the links here!
i'll try to include them, too!

and just to get you inspired.... i thought all of you crafty superstars out there would LOVE this fun earth hour ad... yay to repurposing and handmaking!} THAT SONG's kept me dancing for weeks now! love it!

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  1. I DO love that ad! We'll be having games in the candlelight with our kids again this year. I'll try to take a few photographs! Good idea :->

  2. For this earth hour I'm going to make a cup of cocoa and sit under a blanket. I've been waiting for an excuse to do this. Fact is I'm a real wuss, honestly, only being completely happy inside my own apartment were nothing is noisy or stressful. I work in the middle of the city and besides there are always stuff that must be done and people you must meet...

    But you got to be home for earth hour right :) Kind of difficult to pull the switch at the coffee house. Which might still be a cool idea if well organized. Anyone going to spend the hour in larger company?

  3. I think I'm going to buy some chinese lanterns and let them go in the sky in the evening - that photo on your post has inspired me. I like to write messages on the paper ones. Off to look for lanterns now!

  4. Well, I can promise that I won't be using any lights or power at my house during Earth Hour... but that's because I'll be at an arena playing a hockey play-off game, hee hee! Seriously though, I'll just bump my Earth Hour to another evening this week, and I generally try to be mindful anyway.

    What a great ad, rr. THANKS for sharing — I'm dancing too :)

  5. Great tunage on the ad!! I agree!

    We'll be over at a friend's home, rain or shine, singing! Our singing circle has hosted a song circle ever earth hour for the past couple of years. Try it!

  6. I've never made handmade paper by candlelight before. That's earth-friendly anyway, and it might be interesting to see what happens when I can't see the finite details of what I'm doing. Hmmm. This could very well be a creative breakthrough!

  7. I love Earth Hour! It is so nice to see the city lights get dulled for a change.
    Here, candles will be lit, wine will be sipped, snacks will be nibbled. And DH and I will have our Annual Earth Hour Crazy Eights Tournament! By the end of the hour he will be annoyed that I keep winning (and gloating). :)

  8. we're having a birthday dinner for my husband at our house. I think we'll make it a "candle" party, maybe?? I will definitely give it some thought and see what I come up with. by the way I blogged about it here:

    thanks for the inspiring post!

  9. We participated in Earth Hour for the first time last year, and will be doing the same thing again this year. My little guy usually goes to bed before 8, so it is a great time to turn off all the lights, light some candles, and spend some time with my hubby cuddling, heehee! I haven't seen that video before, neat!

  10. My kids loved Earth Hour last year and spent the night chasing each other through the house with their wind-up flashlights. whirr whirr whirr...

    I've spent some time teaching my little ones about nocturnal creatures so this year (weather permitting) we're going to sit outside and watch for deer and flying squirrels, and listen for owls and coyotes. If the weather doesn't cooperate, then I guess we'll be playing flashlight tag in the house again. whirr whirr whirr... :)

  11. This Earth Hour (the first my 3 year old is truly aware of and understands) we're going to sing, she says. She loves to sing - it's her way of connecting to everything she experiences. So we're going to gather our little drums, and shakers, and our fantastic new tongue drum from Etsy.. and our voices, and sit in the quiet, with the night breeze blowing, the the moon in the sky, and sing together to honor the earth.


    Jen, SewnNatural

  12. i think we'll probably have a home cooked meal and since my son likes to turn all the lights off and run around with flashlights, we'll probably play that game - candles aren't an option yet as he's only about 4

  13. Oh what a fun ad! I love it :) We're really looking forward to earth hour and to celebrate it with something extra special this year the kids and I are going to make decorated luminary jars to light. It's going to be great! Plus any excuse to sit in the dark by candlelight is always welcome here *grin*.

  14. Camping! No electricity. No TV. No computers.


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!