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slumber party {part 5} : your top 3 longtime moviestar crushes!

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don't you just love a slumber party? comfy pjs, silly movies, telling your friends, old & new, your thoughts & crushes & dreams.... such fun! join us! you can catchup with some of our other slumber party fun here: and for today's party question: who are your top 3 topsecret longtime moviestar crushes?

i love movies.
mostly documentaries, sometimes genres i'm less inclined to admit (see here!) , and always a great script with great actors.

but today i'm not looking for who we think are great actors.
no. none of that!
i wanna know.. WHAT MOVIE STARS have you had crushes on for years!

i wanna hear those long-time, forever movie-star crushes! the classic stars that you first crushed-on years ago and, let's be honest, still love! there'll be time another day for new movie-star loves, or great actors... but i want longtime loves today!
i *swoon* just thinking about it!

i've got a couple for you!


my first-ever longtime crush belongs to Christopher Plummer.

i first came to love him when he was the formidable Captain in the Sound of Music and i was a wee little girl watching my mom's favourite Classic musical.

that movie was good clean kissing & singing, thought-provoking fun for my young eyes! and forever i still get butterflies watching him & Maria as the gazebo scene begins! good heavens! crazy, i know!
oh first crushes!


another forever crush is on young Robert Redford. his quiet charisma, his crafty thinking, his smile. his smile. his smile.
in films like the sting, the way we were, all the president's men... gosh - those early 1970's movies have me SWOONING! i can't help but smile when i see him.

let's be honest... i can't help but blush! :)


and my 3rd topsecret hollywood longtime crush isn't so much of a secret at all. in fact, mr. rikrak and i joke openly that we have an alleged *kissing clause* in our marriage - that if i ever ACTUALLY got to meet george clooney...
(& if i didn't instantly FAINT!!)
... we'd be welcome to kiss!


i know. i know. george has quite a following. but i've been a long time george crusher. that charming personality, that great smile, that quick wit, that added activism.
i gotta say... i'm totally smitten!


okay! so i've confessed!

so there's my choice for my top 3 top-secret long-time movie-star crushes!
(that's 3 pretend-hyphenated words in a row! nice!)

now... let's snuggle into our cozy sleeping bags, open another bag of sour cream & onion chips,turn on some cyndi lauper, giggle & whisper and hear yours!

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  1. What a great way to start my morning! Looking at George Clooney!!!! Thanks ;>

    I'm not sure I'm willing to share him with you, RR!!

    My top three longtime crushes would be:
    George Clooney!
    young Marlon Brando (the first Godfather kind)
    and James Dean

    I think I've watched Rebel without a Cause 900 times!

  2. Oh the fun!

    Oh my, James Dean for sure. I still have his movies around here somewhere, as well as a 6ft tall poster that I had on my wall in High School.

    Paul Newman from the Cool Hand Luke Le swoon.

    Val Kilmer from the Real Genius time period.


  3. Mmm, Cary Grant. Yep, he's definitely one of them, nevermind that I wasn't even in preschool yet when he passed away... He literally makes me swoon. Number 2, in no particular order, Mark Harmon. I fell on love the first time I saw him in 'Summer School', and now wait not so patiently for Tuesday nights to see him in NCIS. I'm possibly obsessed with him, don't tell my hubby. :) last? John Cusack, he's so hilarious. (I'm not gonna lie, George Clooney is right up there as well, yum)

  4. I'm going to say Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson and...and...I can't think of a third!

  5. Oh boy, confession time,

    Paul Newman - need I say more?

    Humphrey Bogart - Casablanca is my all time favourite romantic movie

    & you named him

    Chris Plummer but I fell in love with him as a theatre actor on Stratford's main stage (he is a favourite of my 3 acting sons as well, we saw him last year in Caesar & Cleopatra & I still have that crush!)

    + I tried to just do 3, but Gene Kelly, gotta love a guy who is sexy & can tap dance.

  6. What a cute idea... I have had many many crushes in my 33years... but I'd have to say my top three are.
    1.Patrick Dempsy ...he's still one of my favorites.

    2.Johnny Depp has also been a long time favorite. I used to love 21 Jump Street. I recently rewatched these...and boy were they ever bad. Didn't even make it through the first 5 episodes.

    3. John Travolta has always held a special place in my heart since Grease when I was a child. Young Travolta is the best.

    Honorable mentions for TV crushes go to James Marsters and Nathan Fillion... I know they are more recent crushes, but they both hold a special place in my heart... Mmmmm Spike and Yummy Mal, what a wonderful combination.

  7. How does a girl pick just three?!

    Clark Gable - as Rhett Butler - oh my!

    I'm going to have to fight you in that line up for Robert Redford, then and now!

    And Johnny Depp. Because 16 years is a long time right? That's how long it's been since I first adored him in Benny & Joon.

  8. Only the top 3, huh? O.k. I'll try just 3. ;)

    1~ Cary Grant: handsome, charming and funny
    2~ Young Sean Connery: well maybe older too! Can't resist those good looks and the Scottish accent.
    3~ Steve Martin: Funny, handsome, intelligent and plays a mean banjo!

    And if one of the 3 above could fulfill their duties as crush; Ewan McGregor!!! handsome, Scottish accent, great singing voice and did I mention handsome?!

  9. What fun!

    First, I have to go with Johnny Depp--that's probably my longest-standing movie crush (well, TV really, since I've liked him since 21 Jump Street). Obvious, I know, but he's just so pretty!

    Two, Christian Bale. He may not be a nice guy in real life, but boy oh boy is he hot! I'll see any movie he's in, even if it's not a genre I usually enjoy (3:10 to Yuma, anyone?), just so I can look at him.

    Third, I'll say Patrick Stewart. Again, this started as a TV crush, I guess, but he's very handsome and has such a charming accent! I met him in person once. . . .

  10. john travolta ....< blushing >

  11. Hugh Grant - in that movie with Julia Roberts where he's the book store owner in London, can't think of the name at the moment.
    Kevin Costner - Robin Hood. sigh.
    Tom Hanks - cuz he'll keep me laughing.

  12. Only three?
    Don't know if I can do it....
    Patrick Dempsey ever since he was that young cutie in Can't Buy Me Love!
    John Cusack always and forever.
    Pierce Brosnan...watched Remington Steele with my sister when we were little and we crushed big time!
    And the list goes on...and on...
    don't tell my husband ;)

  13. You're hilarious about your "wedding clause!" I'm going to have to remember that one!!!

    This is great! I love all of the answers. I'm going with:

    1) good old Johnny Depp: ever since 21 Jump Street is RIGHT!

    2) Denzel Washington: AHHHH!

    3) Tom Cruise in the Top Gun era!

  14. In high school, I was obsessed with James Dean. My bedroom was plastered with dozens of posters, and even a flag. I had about 10 t-shirts with him on it, and even a wristwatch!

    My crushes have been pretty diluted since then, but I do really fancy Viggo Mortenson (did you know he paints AND has a printing press for art books?).

    No Number 3 that I can think of. Now, if you opened it up to singers, I could list a few more ;)

  15. woooo! My top 3 are:
    Christian Slater - if you knew how many times I have watched Heathers while talking to my Wil Scarlet action figure...

    John Cusack - smart, funny & cool is always attractive. I had a huge High Fidelity poster professionally mounted hanging in my house for years (which now resides in my daughter's room, apple doesn't fall far) much to mr.reddoor's slight annoyance.

    Clint Eastwood - as a very young child I would watch his Josey Wales flicks with my gramma and thought he was THE TOUGHEST MOFO EVER. And so handsome! He is always a joy to watch.

    Oh to the ladies above who mentioned Patrick Stewart & Steve Martin, we should get together and have martinis!

  16. My first movie crush was Tom Cruise in Top Gun...I don't think I was much older than 10 years old!

    And as a teenager and into my university days....Brad Pitt. I had his posters in my apartment back in the day.

    Now I am kinda crushing on Hugh Jackman. Australia and Wolverine....he looks yummy in those movies! His smile is just wow!

    Lol...this is fun!

  17. Well, I developed my very first killer movie star crush on Russell Crowe at age 14 and now, at the ripe, old age of 25, I still think he's the hottest man on two legs! Christian Bale came along a couple of years later. Someone already mentioned "3:10 To Yuma". Probably my favorite movie in the world, just because I get to watch both of them at the same time! Third would be Johnny Depp, whom I first discovered in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?!

  18. These are great!

    I also have a thing for Christopher Plummer (actually your list is a great one in my eyes, Rikrak!) so he'll be #1.

    #2 would HAVE to be Johnny Depp! In everything he's EVER been in!!!!!!

    #3 would be my eternal love of Frank Sinatra. There's just something so sexy about his aloof demeanor!

    Don't tell my hubby either! ;? LOL!

  19. I fell in love with Robert Redford when Barbra Streisand pushed his hair off his forehead in 'The Way We Were' was the last scene when they met years later on the streets of NY. You could tell they were still passionately in love. Paul Newman is a given and I think for nbr three it has to be Cary Grant in 'Houseboat' with Sofia Loren...great movie!

  20. Yet another great subject - one that makes me weak in the knees with a side order of butterflies in the tummy!
    1. Love Robert Redford - both the young & older version.
    I especially loved him in The Horse Whisperer when he had that dance scene!
    2. Just looking at George Clooney makes me smile (and swoon) & I think I would actually giggle if I had the chance to meet him.
    3. And of course, Cary Grant, the grand master of leading men!

  21. I'll follow on Mark Harmon. :)
    Alan Rickman and Leonard Nimoy probably next to him. I would have love to add Richard Widmark, but hey... only 3 ?
    And before you ask, I'm 34, so yeah I know they are all a little old for me... But sey sexy you are, sexy you stay. ^^

  22. ever since i was a magazine obsessed pre-teen, i've had a thing for Ryan Phillippe. mmmmmmm, he's so dreamy. not that i've ever seen him act, but who cares? :P

    also fond of Topher Grace (from That 70s Show) & Michael Cera (Juno, Year One).... I like the nerdy type. :)

  23. What fun. Ok... I'll dish.

    Big Clooney fan here, too! Seriously, what's not to love?

    And, I absolutely adore that scandulous cad, Rhett Butler aka Clark Gable. He could sweep me into his arms and buy me a new hat anytime.

    And a more recent crush is Josh Lucas. I so wish I could be Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home, Alabama. *sigh*

  24. Well, I'm sorry to say that George is all mine. I might let him take a picture with you guys but absolutely no kissing..ok?!!

    ...and I've always had a thing for John Cusack...
    ...and for a third...hmmm...I can't think of another one but why need three when George is my first pick!

  25. 1. Michael Douglas. So, so jealous of Catherine Zeta-Jones. He was so hot in "Romancing the Stone." I dare you not to fall for him in that movie.
    2. Val Kilmer. He hooked me in "Real Genius" and I've been a fool for him ever since.
    3. John Cusack. I would never kick Lloyd Dobler out of my bed.


  26. oh you sweeties are so FUN! i love all of your answers, and many of you have crushes i too adore! good golly! :)

    happy daydreaming :)


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