Thursday, October 22, 2009

with thanks: to etsy, the storque + boopsie daisy!

need some fun in your day? grey rainy weather got you down?

here's the tonic!
another fun installment of the new Etsy storque series :: the collectors:: launched today... yay!
with guest curator, ME!

and this one features the fabulous boopsie daisy, who brings sunshine and joy to the world with her rainbow-sparkling arts & crafts, and her fabulous & fun-filled collection!

as you might remember, the etsy series is based on my own :: collections series:: from here on my little rikrak studio blog!
be sure to visit today's post on Etsy, and if you can, leave cheers for the wonderful boopsie daisy & her fantastic pez dispenser collection . yay candy!

many thanks to etsy, vanessa @ the wonderful storque & boopsie daisy herself!

have a fascinating collection you might like to share with us?
please be sure to let me know! thanks!

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  1. I love her Pez collection! Great photos and as always, great article RR!

  2. Fabulous blog! What fun. Thanks for sharing ;~)


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