Friday, October 2, 2009

hourly photo

hourly 6am
the 6 a.m.s

Digicam Upload, feb4, 2007 015
the 7 a.m.s
{photo by little rikrak!}

oct22009 014
the 8 a.m.s

the 9 a.m.s

oct22009 055

oct22009 030
the 11 a.m.s

oct22009 067
the 12 noons

oct22009 078
the 1 pm s

oct22009 081
the 2 pm s

oct22009 071
the 3 pm s

oct22009 090
the 4 pm s

Digicam Upload, oct10, 2006 247
the 5 pm s

oct22009 120
the 6pm s

oct22009 129
the 7 pm s

january 30 037
the 8 pm s

oct22009 149
the 9 pm s

here's something fun i'm doing today: the hourly photo project!

the wonderful missfish has organized a funfun a photo an hour for a day event.
& today's the day! you can find the other lovelies participating here.
hope you'll come back to see how my day progresses in photos.

above, you can see the first 16 photos / first 16 hours of my day.

{editors note: after a lovely little chat with our dear friend d., it was realized that i should best confess that i did scurry a wee bit to tidy up the backgrounds in the photos of my daily house! :) normally, it would NEVER look so tidy! :)

and have a wonderful weekend, cuties!

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  1. Oh this is a wonderful project! Can't wait to see all of yours! I'm going to go see the rest!!!!

  2. Great photos! I love your idea! Wish I had the time to take hourly photos!

  3. FUN! I'm looking forward to seeing if you're sewing today :)

  4. what a fun project! I also love your photos. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your day.

  5. This is a wonderful it...great for if you know you'll be home throughout the day...I'll check back later.

  6. what another great idea rikrak!
    I must try this one day.
    I'll check back to see how your day is going.

  7. I love this idea! I also love seeing what you're up to, creative wonderwoman!!!!

  8. Fun idea!! Love seeing a peek into your sweet world! :)

  9. Love the hourly photos, especially the one little rikrak took! Great blog.

    If you'd like to take a peek at my blog, here's the info:

  10. I think your life is a lot more picturesque than mine. :)

  11. You're a fantastic photographer, RR! Want to come document our family's day? ;>

    Beautiful work!!

  12. thanks for all of your kind words, lovelies! it was such a fun (& involved! :) project!

    i really appreciate your lovely feedback!

  13. i might have to try this on a day when my hubby is home all day too! and i think we all tidy up a little in the background before taking pictures - or we just crop it out :)

  14. Well, if you ever get tired of sewing; you could make a good living as a photographer!
    Great pictures & good insight into your day!

  15. what a fun post! i'd love to do this sometime! hope all is well :)

  16. How fun! I love this post:)

  17. Such a great idea, and super shots. I get so excited when I see other sewers with Pfaff machines!


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