Thursday, October 1, 2009


aren't you sweeties wonderful!

thanks so much to all of you cuties who entered the wonderful Kootsac's fabulous reusable produce bag giveaway! it was fabulous to read all of your excellent, which i will be sharing in an upcoming post! what a bunch of creative, eco-friendly nicies you are! :)

so without further ado, kindly chose for us, & the winner of the Kootsac giveaway is.... #28.... Jessica, of JessicaPoundstone jewelry! gosh... you'll be instantly smitten as you visit Jessica's gorgeous shop, filled with bright & beautiful & artistic designs. {she also sells superdooper fun DIY shrink plastic kits... wouldn't that be so fun!} . & you'll be just as smitten as you read her lovely lovely blog, filled with wonderful images, beautiful mommy tales and inspiring lightness & design.

so congratulations, jessica! hope you'll love your Kootsac bags! woohoo! and there are more wonderful giveaways to come, sweeties! hope you're having a wonderful thursday.
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  1. Wowie zowie!!! Thank you so, so, very, very much! What a wonderful first day of October this is shaping up to be!

  2. Those are beautiful earrings! Congratulations Jessica.


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