Thursday, October 1, 2009

* a free all-night contemporary art thing *

isn't that a great title?

i love it.

that's the by-line to toronto's wonderful *nuit blanche*, the annual sunset to sunrise celebration of contemporary art.
with over 500 artists transforming the city this weekend, i'm so in LOVE with the many wonderful wonderful projects happening there.

last year's Project Blinkenlights' STEREOSCOPE installation @ toronto's city hall captured my imagination as the tale of it's amazing interactive art in architecture multimedia show wowed me and everyone who saw it live or on the internet! it amazed me, for many reasons, one of which was that anyone who wanted to could play classic computer games on the 2 facades of city hall from their mobile phone!!!

oh heavens! wouldn't that be fun?!
( you can watch a video of it here... careful.. it's fun and noisy!)

and this year, toronto city hall will again be transformed for D. A. Therrien
's Beautiful Light: 4 LETTER WORD MACHINE light installation! goodness.. isn't that soooo fun! "the machine is capable of displaying nearly 4.94 billion distinct graphic combinations, facilitating the expression of any word in any language!"

goodness sakes!

going to nuit blanche in your own city?
ever been to one?
i've heard that 100s of cities around the world have one!
yay contemporary art!

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  1. OOOH! I wish I was! I've not been to one, but that looks great. I love all-night events.

  2. It looks like amazing event!
    I wish I could be there...


  3. That looks amazing! Wish I could be there, too!

  4. I am totally psyched for Nuit Blanche. I had an awesome time last year. If you ask me, it's worth the trip to Toronto. You & Mr. Rikrak should come some time. The art was great and simply being out and about with so many people celebrating the creative is invigorating.

  5. i agree!

    wish i could be there to join you, minouette! :)

  6. Oh...and I can't even make it in this weekend...thanks for informing us all though!


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