Tuesday, October 20, 2009

what i'm working on: retro ornaments

gosh i just adore retro Holiday thingies!
retro ornaments, decor, music...
there's such nostalgia. such colour. such fun!

so i've been crafting a new little line of eco. Holiday ornaments, inspired by my wonderful dad's collection of vintage ones! and happily,
i've been making lots and lots!

and they're available now in the shop individually or in little sets!

they're made of lovely, soft & strong eco felt (made from recycled bottles) and come in lots of fun styles and colour combos!

yay the Holidays are coming!

what have you been working on? leave a link! i'd love to hear!


ps: a couple of fun things to do here on the blog today if you need
a little break from what you're working on!

:: last call for submitting your fun DIY & handmade
wedding ideas & creations here. ::

:: tonight the off the hook's gorgeous handspun yarn giveaway ends!
hurry to enter here! ::

:: last day to enter your guesses for the fun inspiration wall / blogger matching game! guess here (ps: there's a fun little prize! :) ::

happy working, nicies!

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  1. How adorable are these??? They make me think back to Dr. Seuss — and that's a GREAT thing :) Lovely stuff, rr, as always!

  2. These are so stinking cute! Love love love the retro inspiration :)

    ♥ xtine

  3. Oh, my CUTE! These are fantastic! Just wonderful!

  4. Loving the new retro ornaments!
    Have a fun day K!

  5. great idea for us - my son is now 3, but every holiday he likes to move all the ornaments around on the tree on a daily basis. so i have all non breakable and kid friendly ones - these fit the bill!

  6. thanks so much, nicies! you're such sweeties! and i love hearing what you're working on, too!

  7. Lordy I do love Christmas - those retro ornaments are fabulousomondo (I make up words when I'm tired!).
    Love the pattersn & colors!

  8. very cute... I think I made need to make a purchase

  9. Love these!

    They inspire me to dig out my felt and start sewing.



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