Monday, October 12, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

tips of light fine art photograph by blissfulimages


we're home....

from visiting with our wonderful family.
and family.
and family.

celebrating the marvelous canadian thanksgiving.
it sure is one of my most favourite things.

thankful i am.
see you tomorrow, lovelies.
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving lovely lady...
    I am stuffed with Turkey dinner too...
    It's truly a wonderful time of year...I agree.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. Do you get to celebrate twice a year? Does it make it less special or is it double the pleasure?

    Lovely pic by the way. Nice choice.

  3. What a wonderful photo, gives me the good feeeling!

  4. :) thanks lovelies!

    lindsey: we celebrate canadian thankgiving at our home:) and lost of times with all the wonderful parts of our family! thanks for asking!

  5. We get to do that next month. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, no pressure of presents, just good food and family!


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