Thursday, October 15, 2009

my favourite things: hens & chicks

various gorgeous hens & chicks

mini succulent terrarium by jjbanks54
earthy songbird duo by doodlebirdie
hens & chicks via sean flanagan's photostream
tiny terrariums by TortoiseLovesDonkey


i adore hens & chicks.
not so much the clucking kind.

but instead those beautiful tiny succulent plants with rosettes & offshoots that creep wonderfully over hill & dale in the garden & live delightfully in the tiny indoor terrariums at every turn. years ago my wonderful grandmother gave me an offshoot hens & chicks from her garden. & i cherish that wonderful little green multiplier, as it climbs over tiny rocky hills on the soil.

there's just something so greenly spectacular about them to me.

and as the gardens here fade into autumn, they grow strong and full.

gotta crush on hens & chicks?
love 'em!
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  1. I love those plants, too!
    We had numerous of them in our garden as a child. There's just something so earthy about succulents.

  2. I love hen and chicks, too. I love those pots that have all the little holes on the sides for them to pop out of. :)

  3. I love them but can never grow them properly. I always end up with a Hen at the end of six inches of bare stalk and no chicks in sight. I guess they're afraid of the mutant hen.

  4. I love them! i recently got my very first one and im in love with it!

  5. I had a variety once that was called "spidery" or something similar. It grew looking like it was covered in cobwebs. Perfect for this time of year!

  6. I love hens and chicks. They fill in a garden perfectly. Those bird planters are so sweet you found!

  7. what lovely green things they are - i have a pot in the garden with a variety of them. quite hardy, too!

  8. What a pretty succulent garden :)

    ♥ xtine


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