Friday, October 9, 2009


oct809 005
a wonderful gift from our dear friend d.
from her family's precious vintage quilting notions. thanks, lovelyone!

you know that really really inspires me in life?


people showing kindness in big and small ways.
folks sharing kindness with friends, with strangers, with family, with foes. even as they face their own challenges.

i think that's a pretty great amazing thing in life.

i know that i'm really lucky that i get so many fun chances to answer that question of what inspires me in little interviews or designerly blog Q&As. {i feel really thankful for those opportunities! heavens!}

and the list of what inspires me in art & life is brimming over!
but right at the top would be kindness. the people i really admire in life? the ones that spread kindness.

i'm really lucky to be inspired by so many truly kind folks.
and as we were walking to school this morning i felt wonderfully wonderfully loved as i thought of all of the many ways folks show us generous kindness.

even just in the small scale world of our home of late:

:: unexpected little gifts of kindness & encouragement in the mail from dear friends (thinking here of you, t., g., & c. )

:: folks showering us with thoughtful, heartfelt treasures during wonderful visits (thinking here of you, d & a., d., & m.)

:: wonderstars who help out, never having to be asked, just cause they know there's a need. (so many kind friends do that for us. thank you!)

:: dearests who remember a little something i might have mentioned and take the time to ask about it, supporting us with their kind, listening soul.

:: lovelies sending an encouraging word our way by note, or phone, or email just to spread kindness and love and happiness, even as their own worries & challenges mount.

that's a really great thing in my books!
so thanks to the spreaders-of-kindness out there!
thanks to all of you!

so here's so spreading kindness in so many ways.... and to the selfless folks that do that.
you're wonderful!
have a weekend filled with kindnesses, lovelies!
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  1. have a wonderfuly kind weekend, k. you deserve it!

  2. love you! agree with you too!

    I personally try to live in a way in which everything I do is for others and I don't even have to worry about myself.. it all comes back :)


  3. Yes, I agree, amazing how such "little" kindnesses can go so far!

  4. :) thank you lovelies!
    to you, too!

  5. Aw, rr... Good thing you are a fan of kindness — because you INSPIRE it, madame!!! You rock. I hope you had a lovely long turkey celebratory weekend. To neighbours and teaparties!

  6. Whenever I think of our handmade world and the folks that are in it, I think of you and smile. Thank you k. for being you :)


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