Thursday, October 22, 2009

the answers: an *inspiring* little game {part 4}: bloggers

a fun fun guessing game!

what talented match-makers you all are!
thanks so much to everyone who played monday's fun guessing game.
the correct bloggers & their matching inspiration walls are:

wall A + 3 = welcome to summersville

wall B + 5 = clever karen

wall C + 1 = desire to inspire

wall D + 4 = Sea Embraces

wall E + 2 = she.likes.cute

i'm delighted to say that 4 folks got all 5 answers correct! yay! so i'm excited to feature:

the talented karley: who has her own sweet blog, she sews lovely! you'll just love karley's eco friendly, reusable coffee sleeve shop, filled with gorgeous fabrics, lovely colours and beautiful handiwork! she also has a fabulously budget-saavy SALE section in the shop, with deals deals deals!

next up, congrats to donna VW, blogger at "the rock" paper, scissors, a fun new paper projects site! :) check out her current works!

the next congrats goes out to guesser, the empty nest, one of my wonderful sponsors! you'll want to hurry right over to janet's beautiful shop, filled with fiber, fabric & paint creations. i am in dreamland just swooning over her gorgeous handmade scarves..... *sigh!* i LOVE big scarfs! wonderful work, nicey!

and our final congrats goes out to lyn @ the it is what it is blog! lyn has a supercute etsy shop filled with fabric goodies... and if you're a lilly pulitzer fan.... you'll be swoooning!

great guessing, cuties! thanks for playing!
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  1. Hooray!!!!! I got something right ;-) Thank you so much for the feature. I am already spreading the word about the new giveaway!
    your friend,
    The Empty Nest

  2. yay! congrats to you for all that great guessing, nicey!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I just got back in town from a "sisters/daughters" trip and hope to get a new post up soon.

    PS I love your blog!


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