Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the autumn handmade wedding challenge!

Picnik collage

:: photos from our own little DIY wedding! ::
  • sticker photo booth images, taken years and years ago now, that graced the cover of our handmade wedding invites.
  • one of our wedding day photos, celebrating harvest & canadian thanksgiving on a family farm. (yay farming - the original handmade DIY ers!)
  • lots of handmade signage & games at our wedding!
  • part of the handmade wedding gifts we gave out. seen here: tea packets for guests with tea we grew in our garden.

this past weekend, mr. rikrak & i celebrated, among our wonderful canadian thanksgiving family parties, our lovely lovely wedding anniversary!

oh weddings! such fun!
we have both always adored this time of year, and this holiday, & so we had our own fun handmade wedding party a few years ago at thanksgiving!

at our own DIY wedding, we tried to have as many fun fun handmade elements as we could: we celebrated outdoors at a family farm. we had a delightful homemade potluck. ( you KNOW how i love potluck parties!), we played around a funfun bonfire. we danced to the music crafted by our wonderful family members. we played as many fun handmade games & activities as we could on our wedding weekend, and at the wedding! the flowers, the decor, the thank you treats, the invites , the *everything-we-could* was handmade. yay handmade!

so in honour, today i'm launching a fun new challenge for you, lovely rikrak studio readers! i'll calling on all of you to submit a fun idea for the upcoming posts to do with my favourite time of year - and favourite wedding time of year - the lovely autumn.

:: here's what to do ::

leave a link below to enter your ideas / handmade goodies/ DIY weddin gsuggestions / blogposts into one or more of the following categories:

a) a handmade wedding idea for a lovely autumn wedding (something you yourself did, or something someone else did that you love!)

b) a handmade wedding item that you have handmade or that another lovely handmade person has (feel free to include etsy, dawanda, etc. goodies you love!)

c) blogposts by you or others on fun DIY handmade wedding ideas you'd like to share!

d) DIY ideas that you've either made yourself, sell yourself, or have seen that you love!

leave me links wherever you can!

and don't forget: the theme is autumn weddings!

i'll be compiling as many of the ideas as i can into a couple of fun upcoming handmade wedding posts! so now is your chance to share your fun ideas, your own fun photos, or show us what you'd LOVE to have in your own handmade wedding!

happy handmade weddings, lovelies!
and yay to love, in every season!
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  1. ooo - what fun! i'll get to work on it this afternoon :)

  2. Oh your wedding photos are so charming!! I bet you had the funnest wedding ever, RR!

    I love this felted bolero on Etsy.

    and I love this hat, too:

    That's what I'd be wearing this autumn wedding season! Great idea.

  3. Your photo memories are gorgeous rikrak!

    If I was getting married now I would definitely wear my own handmade jewellery.

    Like this necklace:
    This bracelet:
    and maybe these earrings:

  4. To me the fall is all about yummy colors - some neutral, like taupe and others poppy, like pumpkin orange. I designed this birdcage veil with a modern fall bride in mind.

    Thanks for putting out this call - I love weddings!!


    I also made a friend's feather headpiece for her wedding and I just wrote about it on my blog.


  5. great stuff rikrak! Love the photos!

    I would so go for handmade seasonal jams for either use as a wedding favor or to have along side the meal.

    like these


  6. I just love your photos - it looks like your wedding was fabulous!

    My friend makes the cutest save-the-date magnets!

    And I made this garland with an autumn wedding in mind.

    I found these cute bouquets just the other day. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=31087884
    I can't wait to check out your new posts!

  7. What a great idea!

    I recently made a custom wedding guest book for someone, and liked it so much, I decided to start offering custom made guest books in my etsy shop. Here's a link: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=32347718

  8. Happy Anniversary!

    I love these:

    Almost makes me want to get married again. Paper Chains!!!!

  9. Your photos are adorable!!! I love weddings and handmade too. \

    Here are some thank you cards:

    Wedding invitations:

    Monogrammed stationery:

    Save the Date:

    Rehearsal dinner invitation:

  10. Kristal, your wedding photographs are fabulous.
    I love the fact that they are not posed shots & you can actually feel the joy & happiness!
    Congratulations on your recent wedding anniversary!
    We are helping our daughter plan her wedding next August; it's been lots of fun so far as she is keeping it fairly small & like yours lots of personal touches are planned.
    Here are a few of my cards that could be customized (including changing the color of the stamps)for either 1) Save the date cards 2) We're engaged 3) Congrats 4) Bridal showers.

    And if you need little favor boxes:

  11. Oh, your wedding sounds like it was so much fun!
    I had a customer buy this rebound journal to use as a guestbook at their wedding:

  12. What a fabulous idea! I'm getting hitched in a mere 11 days (youpi!) but am no where near an autumn theme... despite my mum centerpieces, which I don't yet have photos of!

    But if I were going eathy tones and pumpkins, I'd love to wear these on my ears:

    And maybe these on the table:

    And what doesn't scream fall like candy?! These fun DIY bags could be done up in any colour - filled with your favorite penny {or Halloween!} candies: http://designedbyrj.blogspot.com/2009/08/bride-on-budget-sweet-favors.html

    Can't wait to see what you pull together!

  13. What a lovely idea! Happy Anniversary, too!
    I've made beeswax candles for an October wedding for the reception tables (& for the most moving funeral I've ever attended). The bride wanted to be sure that everything at her wedding was non-toxic. Smallbones candle link: http://bit.ly/MFIuU

  14. You are always coming up with the most clever ideas... well, I have a wonderful cast of wedding duos and their designs I've created and fabulous pics on the blog; http://www.adorncherish.blogspot.com. I'm so impressed each couple I design for, how they can ingeniously master the most amazing and unique weddings!

  15. me again! some lovely things for weddings
    a Dallas Shaw print http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vt_related_1&listing_id=32539242
    and by SparklePower http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vt_related_1&listing_id=29134044

  16. This is a FABulous challenge!! Loving the photo/collage of your own, lovely DIY wedding. (and LOVing this blog!!) :)

  17. Thank you for including me in your Autumn Wedding treasury on Etsy! Here are a few of my designs and creations that would be perfect for a Fall party:

    pumpkin place cards:

    maple leaf place cards:

    autumn leaf mix place cards:

    pumpkin place card (tent style):

  18. I have a couple items I would like to submit!

    Pearls are a great wedding accessory no matter what time of year it is, but how about in a colour other than white?

    Sunstone and Freshwater Pearl Necklace :

    Pearl Grape Cluster Earrings :

    The Emma in Platinum :

    I have to admit, The Emma is my favourite :)


  19. Back in the day at my wedding (1972), all the bridesmaids made their dresses. Each one was a different color. "Rainbow" weddings were the thing back then. LOL!

    Anyway, here are links to some cabbage rose brooches I have made from some really beautiful antique moire ribbon. Can't you just see them embellishing all kinds of beautiful wedding accessories?


    I also think these paper watercolor leaves are wonderful!



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