Friday, November 13, 2009

to do lists

to do lists by the lovely boygirlparty

happy friday, cuties!
here @ the rikrak home, we're readying ourselves (and our home )for many -a-fun visitor who are arriving later today for what will be a fun-filled celebratory weekend! yay!

that's right - family from near and far are coming to town to celebrate mr. rikrak's dr.-ly graduation this weekend! woohoo dr. rikrak!!

and i don't know about you, but when lots of sleepover guests are coming, and lots of festive celebratory meals are in the works, and there is still lots of tidying to do (eek!) i love a little (let's be honest - gigantic!) to do list!

how about you? - are you a list-maker?
so while i tidy - here's a little to do list for you, of fun things to do today! and have a great weekend, nicies! be sure to add your own fun to-do's to the comments below!

---- the rikrak studio to-do list! ----
  • i'm overdue in posting these - so head on over to this forum thread i started a while back and find a fun craft and art show happening in your area this weekend - and visit an etsy handmaker there! or add your own to the list!
  • come enter the amazing avril loreti giveaway, here on the blog, where you can win yourself a set of 4 fab mustache hankies! woohoo.
  • head over to my little etsy storque article on wrapping ideas & print off all of the fun printable & free label ideas, and write a letter this weekend, or get a head-start on packaging for your handmade shop!
  • have a cup of tea (what's your fave these days? i'm really into rooibos chai of late!) get outside, or sit near a bright window, and breathe! (i'm gonna add that one to my own list, too! )
  • have a great weekend, and tune in next week for lots of fun and a great great BIG giveaway! woowee!
  • celebrate all the great stuff going on in your life! (and don't worry that the windows still have fingerprints all over them! :) oh wait - that's on my list, too! :)

what's on your to-do list, cuties!?
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  1. my to-do list for today: playdate for my toddler, then take him to the grandparents & make an order & work on a new design. If I have time, work on some blog articles that are in progress.

  2. Congratulations to Dr. Rikrak!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend, and remember, your family is there to see you, not how tidy the house is! :)

  3. congrats to Dr RikRak.
    My to-do list is so long I am scared to look at it.
    This morning's to-do is to sub divide my to-do list!

  4. :) thanks sweeties! great lists!
    i laughed out loud at *to-do: subdivide to-do list!* and 1) write list! :) good heavens - yes -that's the way it seems sometimes, isn't it! :)

  5. All of these are symptoms of not keeping a proper "To-Do List". To-Do Lists are prioritized lists of all the tasks that you need to carry out.


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