Monday, November 23, 2009

oh dear!

emoticon magnets set of 6 by pillowhead

oh dear.
well i guess we all need a little r & r time from now and then.

looks like today my little blog is taking some time off. after 2 different weirdo incidents on the blog this morning (one: a glitchy document problem, one: a nutty sponsor's giveaway post playing hide and seek - thanks to everyone who has written me to let me know!) i've decided to remove this morning's collections post (sorry claire!) and try again later.

also - i'm going to try and draw the winner of the sponsors' giveaway this afternoon, while i can still see the entries, just incase something even crazier happens! i know it's a few hours early - but i fear it might get lost in lala land if not! (there are 326 entries i can see right now - up to this morning's entries before 9:22 a.m.) ..sorry no one else seems to be able to see the contest post right now!

so here's to a little bloggy time off!
sorry you're having a rough day, dear blog! :)
feel better soon, nicey!
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  1. You're even nice to your blog when it's sick. I like that! Hope it's feeling better very soon!! ;>

  2. ;) thanks nicey! :)
    hope it's on the mend, too!
    seems better today!


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