Monday, November 2, 2009

happy handmade birthday, sesame street!

happy november, lovelies!
well november 10th will mark the birthday of one of my favourite classic kiddie things: the wonderful sesame street's amazing 40th season on tv.

i'm a grand sesame street fan from back when i was a little kidlet.
and while i haven't seen a new episode in many moons (we share our classic sesame streets with little rikrak!) ... all those colours + characters + songs! wow! they most certainly influenced the person & designer i became in wonderful, colourful ways!

i dare say there's never been a better handmade show on tv!
so cheers to sesame street, and all of the wonderful things i learned from it!

---> like counting to 12 on a pinball machine.

---> and that C is for cookie.
---> and that, truth be told, i don't want to live on the moon. (gosh i love ernie!)

those are a couple of my faves. happy birthday, sesame street!
& yay to teaching our children how brilliant handmade edu-tainment can be!

tell us: what are your fave sesame street songs & moments & characters, please share!

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  1. Grover is my all time favorite character! And you just can't beat "The Rubber Ducky Song", it's Ernie's greatest hit!

  2. I think I must have started watching it when it first came out! My goodness!!!!!!

    I love Oscar the Grouch. And our *girls* loved him too. ;>

  3. Oh man, that's a toughie. Ernie and his "Bert, Bert, I have a surprise for you Bert."

  4. All time fave is Cookie Monster. OMM NOM NOM NOM! My fave skits were the twiddle bugs: and The Count:

  5. Favorite song: the pinball machine/counting song, and the "we all live in a capital I" song

    Favorite character: Prairie Dawn. She's adorable.

  6. Being an big fan of math I have always loved the Count.

  7. I watched from the beginning & when I had my own kids the high light of my day was sometimes the guest artist on sesame street be it REM or Jimmy Buffet

    Favourite character - Grover

    Favourite skits - those martians

    Favourite human on show - Savion Glover - I love a man who tap dances

  8. Oh I LOVE Sesame Street too! I was so happy when it came out on DVD.

    My very favourite song was Capital I:

    & my favourites muppets were Bert & Ernie. I love the skit with Berts newphew Brad: The shark part always makes me laugh.

  9. I have to agree with sassypackrat and say Grover is my all time favorite although I have a special place in my heart for the Cookie Monster. I love the Rubber Ducky Song too!!!

  10. I Grover's "near and far" skit - and most of all my husband's impression of it.

  11. I'm a Grover fan, also. He's just so lovey and cutie!!

  12. my favorite sesame street episode is where ernie sings the "dance myself to sleep" song & keeps burt awake. oh those boogy-woogy sheep! that show is amazing! it's how my kids learned that being grouchy is pretty silly. :)

  13. Another Grover fan here :) My favorite humans are Gordon and the sign language lady-Linda.

    I still have moments in my head when something will relate to one of those inbetween random flashing segments and it starts playing in there. :)

  14. just love reading your fun sesame street memories, nicies!

    keep them coming!

  15. 40 years old.. makes me feel a little old but then again I guess it was 15 years old when I watched it..
    I remember in middle school our class was on a tangent where everyone admitted to growing up on sesame street, except for one boy who was acting too cool for it.
    He also had the worst grades in the class :/

  16. Aah Sesame Street! I remember watching it as a toddler. My fave character has got to be Oscar, with Grover a close second. I don't like any of the cutsie new characters, and find Elmo particularly annoying.

    Fave song? "You take a W that's a ww and an E-T et! You put them all together and that spells WET! That's WET! W-E-T wet!" (Sing it!!)

  17. aw - its been ages since I watched sesame street. I love bert and ernie - bert with his paperclip collection and ernie dancing himself to sleep while the boogiewoogie sheep dance bert out the door


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