Wednesday, November 4, 2009


yay michele maule! so glad you all love her work as much as i do! thanks to everyone who entered the michele maule print giveaway! i'll be sharing some of your lovely songs to craft to in an upcoming post! woohooo!

thanks so much to we have a winner! congrats to #9... chelsea ling: the superstar behind the wonder that is Paper*Cakes! you likely know this lovely from any one of her gorgeous handmade blogs, her beautiful etsy shop, her fabulous twittering, and her sweet sweet swoon-worthy pink & aqua world she's crafted! love it! many congrats, nicey! thanks for entering! (it should be noted that the winner is also one of my sponsors - good to see everyone on a level playing field with! :)

so congrats, nicey! and thanks so much for the lovely giveaway, michele! tune in here in an hour or so for the next fabulous rikrak studio giveaway you're not gonna want to miss! cheers!
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