Thursday, November 5, 2009

{hand}making change : the scribble group

like many lovelies out there, i'm greatly inspired by folks that create change for the better in the world. gosh.... folks do this in so many wonderful ways. in this new rikrak studio series, we'll be meeting wonderful lovelies who are creating a better world with their handicraft. thanks for inspiring good in the world, each and every one of you. today, here's the first {hand)making change feature.

there is a group of wonderful handcrafters i know who meet on a daily basis to to share stories, encourage one another, share their art and cheer each other on over virtual coffee. that's a wonderful thing in itself!

the wonderful souls who are part of the canadian buy n' sell party on etsy are a warm and welcoming group, and whenever i pop in, i'm always cheered by their friendly welcomes and kind words. a few months ago, these lovelies decided to take on a group art project where "the concept is to practise the art of being creative while letting go of preconceived thoughts and barriers of what art 'should' look like. Art for arts’ sake." it was the brainchild of member Emmarts, and folks loved the idea!

papers of your choice were passed between 3 members of the group all across Canada, and as each member added their own beautiful touches, both fabulous mixed-media art & a gorgeous idea was born.
now The Scribble Group on etsy is a wonderful little shop where you can buy the artworks made by these lovely souls, and all of the proceeds from sales in the shop go toward supporting a wonderful charity.

currently, the Group donates all of it's monies toward 'Use words, not guns' a "project that originated through a city wide task force on guns and gangs violence intervention and prevention." Scribble Group member StuffbySteph is a vital part of the "Use words, not guns" mandate, and she writes: "The winter months are upon us and the needs (of the task force) are high. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the Scribble Group's 'love and heart of scribbling.'

it's wonderful to see handmaking artists not only expanding the parameters of art, but making change, thru their art, in such meaningful ways. so be sure to visit The Scribble Group shop, peruse the gorgeous gallery of their works, and know that your art purchase will go toward using words, not guns. inspiring work, nicies!

have an inspiring story to share about {hand}making change in your own world? please let me know! i'm always looking for new folks who have a story of change to share! thanks!
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  1. I love the idea of passing the artwork across Canada! That's great.

  2. rikrak, what a beautiful surprise to seeing this entry just before having breakfast. :-)
    Thank you so much, you captured the soul and spirit of our project wonderfully.

  3. I am extremely proud to be a part of this group. Not being an artist I was definitely pushed outside my limits with this project - and it was a great experience!

  4. I too, am very proud to be part of this group. I owe a debt of gratitude to emmarts/Gabriele for reminding me of the joy that I can find in exploring new forms of creativity. And it is fabulous to know that this joyful experience can help others as well.

  5. What a fantastic job you've done here with this feature, rikrak!

    Great things can happen when we all step outside our comfort zone.
    Emmarts lends a heartfull of inspiration,encouragement and thoughtful generosity to the Canadian thread group.

    I am honoured to own my own piece of ScribbleGroup art!

  6. it's inspiring work you're all doing! thanks!

  7. Thank you sooo Much for this wonderful post about the scribble group!!


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