Wednesday, November 11, 2009


it's remembrance day here in canada today.

a day for thoughtful reflection and hoping for peace.

a day when i feel especially thankful for the freedoms and liberties and human rights we work toward, and must continue to work toward, here in canada.

the white poppy Papaver somniferum

a day when i feel thankful for the folks that are leaders in peace and peaceful conflict resolution and the folks to strive to find common ground on small and large scales in our world.

a day when i hope for more peace for every person.
wishing you a thoughtful & peaceful day.

what are you wishing for today?

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  1. Well said, RR. I wish to be a more peaceful person myself today. Starts at home, doesn't it.

  2. I looked everywhere for a white poppy this year but couldn't find one. I should have had you make me one. I wish for our leaders to have peaceful wisdom.


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