Monday, November 16, 2009


woowee! it's always a thrill to read when all of you lovelies love the same designers i adore! so thanks so much to everyone who entered the amazing avril loreti mustache hankies set giveaway!

and what a rockin' roadtrip playlist your entries make! i'll be using those in an upcoming post! yay roadtrips!

thanks so much to for tonight's lucky winner... # 51 ... catherine of catherine marissa designs. woowee - what a gorgeous handmade shop catherine has - and look at these fabulous save the date rings she can handcraft for you! heavens! wouldn't those be superdooper fun with your special date engraved?! love those!

so congrats to you, catherine! thanks again, avril. and thanks to everyone who entered. didn't win this time? no worries - tune in tomorrow on the blog for another AMAZING giveaway you won't want to miss! yippee for handmade!!
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  1. My niece is graduating in a couple of weeks and she loves all things with the peace sign. I am looking at maybe getting her the ring, pendant and earrings as a gift. She'll love it! Thanks for passing this one on...

  2. :) oh that's great - i'm always so happy to introduce someone new to folks in the handmaking world! and congrats to your niece! she's lucky to have you! :)


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