Friday, May 4, 2012

just a little bit sad: canada's last penny


today in winnipeg, manitoba, the last canadian penny is to be crafted.
and there's a little, teeny-weenie pang of nostalgic sadness about it for me.
it's not horribly sad, or terribly sad or even actually sad. 
yet nevertheless.

something sad to do with us collectively no longer valuing the little things. 
sad about how little kids could fill their cupped hands with those tiny coppers and ask the cashier, hopefully: what can i buy with these?

i know.  it's costing us 1.6 cents to make that 1 cent coin.
and it doesn't make sense intellectually, financially,  philosophically, economically, weight-ily (evidenced here in a snazzy video)
but hey - how many things really do?

just a little bit sad. and you?
hope your weekend is nostalgically good, nicies!

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  1. I'm "a little bit sad" for you. ;>

    We still have ours, but who knows for how long! They are nostalgic somehow.

    I can send you some!!!!

    1. thanks jennifer!
      i appreciate your coiny empathies! :)

  2. I'm bummed about the penny. I miss it already :(

  3. As a coin lover, that makes me sad, too! Will all prices have to be rounded up to the nearest 5 cents?

    1. hmmm... apparently this will happen - no rounding of monies but instead paying up or down - well described in this funny little video (though i don't agree with his point of view!)

      :) thanks for feeling our pain, nicey!

    2. sorry rachel - here's the video:!

  4. Oh! I didn't know, how cute it was, with the leaves on it. Here, we have the Euro, so, our coin is not even national now, we said Goodbye to Spanish peseta some years ago. Have a good weekend in your part of the world :)

  5. You are an amazing writer. I never thought
    I'd feel sad for the end of a penny. But I now do!

  6. Good, that you did a memoriam post about this! We recently heard rumors that some politicians even want to say goodbye to cash money, to make corruption and money laundry impossible.
    We are okay with being old fashioned....

  7. thanks so much, marta!
    we feel your pain :)

    and what a nicey you are, anon. :)

    nauli: me too, nicey. me too!

  8. I am so sad. A penny is a penny no matter's not like we won't be using pennies for years to come - just because they aren't making them any more doesn't mean that they still won't be in circulation. How many jars do you have?!

  9. I find it sad too. My little girl has a piggy bank full of pennies and she feels rich. Weird to think that they will grow up and tell their kids about pennies since they won't ever know them.


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