Tuesday, May 15, 2012

where do you live?

 beautiful handmade places to live:
kellylasserre + selflesh


i asked: * where do you live & what do you love about it?*

i loved reading folks' responses. here's a sampling...

 mulle wrote: I live on the top floor of a 5 floor builing in the city of Copenhagen, we have the most adorable view from our roof top terrace which I love... Just have a look at my blog, I can't stop fotoshooting it ;-)

katie wrote: i live in a beachy suburb of los angeles. i love that i can see the snowy mountains from my bedroom window, but then i can ride my bike to the beach. nature and adventure sports are all around and i can't imagine living somewhere else.

suki wrote: I live in a cosy little grey-brick house in Cambridge, UK, in a cul-de-sac street, with lovely neighbours and a long, narrow garden (which is my favourite thing about it!)

sylvia-louise wrote: I live in beautiful southern California. Almost all of my living space is dedicated to creating.

highwaycottage wrote: I live in New Zealand and I love it!! So much space and beautiful scenery, some which I can see from my back door. The hills behind the house are just getting their winter snow caps.

maegan morin wroteI live in a very very small town in Northern Alberta Canada. The thing that I love most about my little town is how small it is. With a population of about 700 everyone knows everyone and you never have to worry to much :D

despina wrote: I live in Thessaloniki, the 2nd largest city of Greece, with hundreds of years of history. I love the traces of ancient and Byzantine ruins and monuments throughout the city, as well as its lovely port

medoKartonski wrote: Live in Croatia, and the best thing is the sea

lara wrote: I live in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain and beautifully bathed by the Mediterranean. The best?? The weather!! A tad too hot in the summer, but perfect year-round.

themissus wrote: I live in Australia, the land of opportunity and hope. I love how friendly people are and how beautiful our beaches are. Travelling is great but home is where my heart is.  

windy cindy wrote:  I live in the house that our family built. We have been given the gifts of two wonderful
sons, 26 years of marriage, an adorable Daisy
Beagle and lots of family and friends...

heather & nathan wrote: Oklahoma...where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!

homebird wrote:  I live in Cheshire, UK near to a beautiful river where Kingfishers dart past, Swallows swoop by and cheery people on their boats wave as they sail past.



.... so without further ado... congrats to random.org's #68... dannie of colour me fun! (love love love your bright & beautiful crayon sets, nicey! WOW!) .. you've WON the amazing little red door $60 custom village giveaway!

and wherever you live, you can ALWAYS enter to WIN the various fun rikrak studio giveaways here on the blog, like this fabulous one on NOW! 

where do you live, nicies?
what do you love about it? 


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