Thursday, May 31, 2012

i like pie

i found this adorable little note one morning last week.
little rikrak really cracks me up ... always.

inspired ... i'm gonna leave more cutiepie notes for dearies to find. 

it's such a good feeling discovering them, isn't it?
found any cute notes around lately?

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  1. That's cute! My parents left each other sweet notes frequently when I was a child. I loved that idea, too. I should do it more!!!!!!

  2. I have a whole little treasure box of notes from my children from the past 15 years. I love nothing better than to sit down and go through the box, reading their little love notes - I will cherish them always :)

    1. oh that makes me teary just thinking about it, nicey! love love love that.

      what a wonderful treasure!


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