Wednesday, May 2, 2012

pull up a chair & read the modern sybarite!

:: exquisite seating with the modern sybarite ::
collage one: 

collage two:

collage three: 


well it's a happy day indeed, nicies.

just like his fabulous discoveries, editor richard rabel is a rare find indeed! 
richard is an exceptional art expert + art advisor, interior designer, and charming soul!
he's such a talented friend, and the cyber world is a lovelier space with his insights.

today i'm featuring just a tiny peek at some of the gorgeous seating i found on his beautiful site. good golly aren't these chairs fabulous?

so pull up a chair (make sure it's a lovely one!), sit back and visit his enchanting daily finds. and his *seeking out the best in art and design* guest posts here on the rikrak studio, too. 

richard rabel

what kind of seating do you adore, nicies?

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  1. I love that glass? one! And the location!

    My favorite chair is a Captain's chair that belonged to my Grandfather. I use it everyday at my desk and think of him.

    "BEST SEATING" is the nostalgic kind!!!!

    1. how wonderful, clare!
      i so fondly recall my OWN grandpa's Captain's Chair! and yes indeed, the nostalgic ones with a story are my favourites too!

  2. I would definitely go for the berteau play chair. We don't have anything similar, but... if I could choose. yeah!

    1. isn't it gorgeous? i agree! and it's stackable!
      thanks cutie!


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