Friday, May 18, 2012

the facebook resister

are you on facebook, nicies?
(shhh...i'm not.)

so it's IPO time in facebook world today!
but this week marks a more personal milestone of sorts in the land of facebook-ing.

the fact is, as of this morning,  i'm down to just one other real live friend in the world, of my generation, who is also NOT on facebook.
we'll miss you here in the dark ages, lovely a. 

alas. :)

yes. i'm a facebook resister.

but i'm all for everyone else loving it.
& don't get me wrong: i love facebook. afterall , they commissioned me to handmake their Christmas party ornaments for them! i'm forever grateful! (gotta love huge corporations that appreciate handmade!) 

and facebook connects pretty much all of my beloved ones together. and you know how i love community building. 

i think i'm just a wee bit too private for it all.

i read yesterday that 2 out of every 5 north american adults are NOT on facebook. seems hard to believe there are that many of us out there. :)

anyone... ?
anyone... ?

how about you: facebook yay or nay?
& don't worry: i'll always *FRIEND* you here nicies. facebook or no facebook!
have a superfriendly weekend! 

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  1. that's insane that Facebook got you to help with their 2009 Christmas party and you didn't disappoint with those cute ornaments - totally adorbs. I haven't brought my blog over to Facebook, but I have a personal account. Over the years {has it really be that long} I've scaled back. When I was pregnant with Saige I deleted a whole shwack of people to the tune of 200+. I've noticed Facebookers aren't as crazy with their constant status updates, etc. as they were once upon a time. You could always give it a test drive by starting a business or blog page instead of a personal account. Have a great long weekend :) xo

    1. ah thanks, sweetie!

      that's a good thought about the business or blog page. i have thought about that a bit! i know it's been so great for so many folks' businesses.

      i'll come find you lickity-splitly if i ever do, sweetie! :)

      great long weekend to you, too, nicey!

  2. I loves you so much! I don't use Facebook for my personal life at all-I found it alienating, voyeuristic and strange. I prefer the idea of keeping in touch with people you love face to face, on the phone, by letter mail or *gasp* old beloved faces showing up at my doorstep. For me the internet is a first step in a real life relationship. All that being said, I do use Facebook for my biz page & it has been awesome in helping to create those initial connections.
    You rock!

    1. ah. i loves you so much, too, sweetie!
      you're a kindred soul indeed, nicey.

      here's to lots of great connections for you this long weekend, and always!

  3. I don't have Facebook either :)

  4. I deleted all my friends and stopped using my FB account last year. It was too time consuming, addicting, and superficial. I only keep it to access my page for my blog/shop.

    1. that's interesting to here you say you had one and now don't, francesca. and that's great that it's so helpful for your blog and shop!
      thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I only signed up to get Pinterest - we do however have an account for our restaurant; which really I don't get the point of so you can see how many friends like you? I email friends and family I don't announce so Facebook was never my thing. Nor would I ever post a picture of my children for all to see. Pictures go to certain people. I have friends who post everyday and I find it odd! I do love reading blogs and the stories that go along with life!

    1. thanks for your thoughts, lisa. i'm not so good at *announcing* either :) so glad you love reading blogs & stories. me too!

  6. I'm not on Facebook either. Viva la resistance! xo


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