Monday, November 30, 2009

playlists: with inklore

i just love a great playlist. i think it stems back to those glorious mixed tapes days where i'd either make, sometimes receive and always always covet a fabulous collection of tunes by various great artists! for me, a personal playlist is a magical grouping of songs. *bliss!* ... so i've asked some wonderful artists if they'd make up a little playlist on a theme for this new rikrak studio series. i thought we might get a glimpse into what musically inspires these fabulous folks... i'm thrilled to present the next: playlists with inklore:songs to print fabric to and check out the other great playlists here.


as cyber monday swirls all around us and folks are traveling home, artists hopefully brimming over with orders (fingers crossed that the sales*fairy has come to visit you all, lovelies!) and everyone looking looking looking for those perfect holidaying gifts for everyone on their list, i thought a wonderful playlist, with songs to create to, would be a perfect background for the day!

the lovely and talented inklore, whose gorgeous eco-friendly, handprinted housewares & accessories seem perfect for so many folks on those holiday gift lists, is a wonderful eco-artist. i just love her design palette and her lovely minimalist designs.

so check out her beautiful shop, her wonderful eco-forward blog, and tune in for all kinds of gorgeous songs from her very own playlist below. (psst: she's also having a long weekend sale that ends today! check it out!)

---> ps: still a few more days to enter the AMAZING MEGA handmade giveaway here on the blog, with a prize pack valued at over $450 US! woohoo!

dj: inklore
theme: songs to print fabric to


Beginning to See the Light - The Velvet Underground

Strange Overtones - David Byrne and Brian Eno

That'll Be the Plan - Daniel Martin Moore

Seule - Keren Ann

Writer's Minor Holiday - Calexico

Autumn in New York - Billie Holiday

Fitz and the Dizzyspells - Andrew Bird

Your Reverie - Kelley Stoltz

Talk to You - Tracy Chapman

Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie

Love Minus Zero - Bob Dylan

It Never Entered My Mind - Miles Davis


in her own words: "I love music, but never pay enough attention to the names of songs/artists to make my own playlists. Luckily I'm married to a man who has excellent taste in music; he has a collection of many different genres and makes playlists for me so that if I'm making dinner, there's a mix for that and if we go on a roadtrip, there's another mix. I must admit I made this mix myself, from some of my current favorites of his, and I think this would be the perfect music to work in my studio by. There's just enough pep to keep me going with the occasional jazz piece to keep my mind at ease.


lovely, inklore. thanks so much! here's to *keeping our minds at ease* today, lovelies!
??? what are you listening to as you create???

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  1. What a pretty shop. I love those teatowels!

  2. I love this idea. I too remember the days of mixed tapes...and enjoy finding new music through others.

    Great work by Inklore too! Love the simple coolness of it all.

  3. Great songs, Inkore!

    I love her shop. ;>

  4. I love this idea of playlists to do certain things to - I wrote a similar entry on my blog recently about music that I like to listen to whilst I bake.

    PS. I really enjoyed the interview you did with the pyrex collector on etsy's storque.

  5. oh i'm so glad you're all enjoying the playlists, just as i am! yay!


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