Friday, November 27, 2009

with thanks

part of a custom commission i worked on
(and am now making more of for them!) for the facebook company!


wow. i have the most wonderful customers!

i've been thinking lots this week on how lucky i am.
to do my handmaking on such a daily basis.

(let's be honest... i feel so thankful for this all the time!)

and how it wouldn't be possible without the support of all you handmaking nicies and the amazing folks that buy handmade. those that thoughtfully, intentionally purchase handmade as another handmaker, an at-home buyer, a craft show visitor, a wholesale order, commissioning a custom order, etc!

and here on *black friday* - that's busy busy shopping day on the calendar, i'm so thankful for all of those folks who buy from my little handmade shop, in big and small ways. each purchase is a little joy, isn't it?

a funfun custom order for a superfun place (can't say where yet! :) - yay little seacreatures!


i've been lucky to have been creating LOTS of custom order stockings these days, and i always love the challenge of a custom order. the idea that a person, or group, have seen my work, have a fun idea they'd like me to craft and design and then put their faith in my little designs and work! isn't that a crazy fun thought?

i'm so thankful for that!
for those comments like *you're the artist - i trust what you decide!* - good heavens!
how marvelous folks are to support handmade like that!.

sometimes, i get a little nervous with a custom order. i brew and stew about it making it perfect to please the client and ponder things a million ways... anyone else like me? :)

but i hope it's one of those situations where the thought (the many thoughts! :) behind the action become a great investment in a great payoff for the customer in the end!

so thanks! thanks to all of you out there who have purchased handmade goodies. those ready to ship, that we've already put our creative energies into, and those *custom orders* where we craft anew .... it sure is a wonderful feeling seeing others buying your handmade goodies, isn't it!

custom order advent calendar for a fun customer on etsy!


and thanks to those
bigger groups of folks: businesses on larger scales, who support the handmade world. i feel thankful that the idea of the wonderment of handmaking has reached the tall tall echelons of corporations, who see that the there is great value in handmade.

i've been really lucky to have had a numerous great big custom commissions this year, for individuals, families, and companies: small and very large. thought you might like a little peek!


a little part of a custom commission for that fun company *burt's bees*


(by the way ----> i'll be taking stocking custom orders JUST til monday... just til monday! :)


have a great custom order you've worked on this season you'd like to share a link to?

ever feel nervous excitement creating a custom order?

have a great company supporting handmade tale you'd like to tell?
i'd love to hear! have a great handmade weekend, nicies!

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  1. WOW! Congrats on that facebook order! What a coup!

    I knew you when! :)

  2. How exciting - so many great orders from big companies. And fun stuff! :)

  3. Wow, what gorgeous and fun stockings for all your custom clients! how wonderful that they have found you!

  4. What super cute custom creations you've made! It's so fun to see all the different versions.

  5. thanks sweeties! you're such great cheerleaders!

  6. adorable! all of them! what amazing creations you've made, and such huge accomplishments! love the burt's bees stockings. and facebook! wow! can't wait to hear who the sea creatures are for, they are absolutely darling :)

  7. Congrats on those big clients; no wonder you're not at the wee little craft shows anymore. I think when we have littles, I shall come to you for some stockings (meanwhile, my husband and I have ones from his aunts).

  8. thanks so much for your kind words, lovelies! i really appreciate it! :)

  9. Wow! Impressive clients :) and everything is so cute!

    I have been working on something custom too - I just finished it this morning... here is the link if you want to check it out :


  10. oh that's gorgeous, kim!
    wonderful custom work! and thanks!

  11. awesome custom work from a very awesome lady :) the little sea creature stockings are adorable!


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it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
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