Tuesday, December 1, 2009

healthy handbook: the balancing act

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happy december, lovely ones!

goodness sakes alive! it's a crazy busy season, isn't it?

everyone i know + love seems to be frantically juggling busy-at-home lives, trying to keep their loved ones well + healthy, coping with crazy work or school, balancing financial worries + expectations, nutsily getting ready for the upcoming holidays, and trying to squeeze in all of those funfun parties and events this month for celebrating!

so here's today's query for you: ----> how do you do it? how do you find balance and banish stress in this busy busy season?

i thought our morsels of wisdom might be helpful to one another! let's help each other out!

do you make up a batch of grandma's chicken noodle soup recipe?
make a lot of lists?
get out the yoga mat?
breathe deeply?
play in the snow?
watch a festive holiday movie?
have a cup of cocoa?

what helps you juggle this season's stresses?

how do you bring balance to your days?
wishing you all peaceful thoughts amid this flurry-ville time of year, nicies!

and hang in there, nicies! you can do it!
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  1. Good Question! I balance stress by taking time out, especuially when I am crazy busy, to spend an afternoon just playing with my family.

    I find my 2 little ones dont' care about all the extra stresses I find in life as an adult and help me keep perspective.

  2. Oh I NEED this today! Thanks!

    I'm not very good at it, but my best technique is to take a jog. Anywhere - even around the house!

    I also love putting on classical music of the quiet kind!

  3. Let's be honest - not very well!

    But this is a good question. I agree with Penny Glass Girl - I like to play with my son and remember the better parts of life!

    Hang in there RR - you can do it, too!

  4. I am going on a girlfriends retreat this weekend. I know it sounds crazy - leave my family during this busy time??? It will help me get focused and energized.

    As busy as we get, we need to remember to take time for ourselves. It may sound selfish- but it is really a gift to our family.

  5. I have found that having a partner who is Jewish helps ;)

  6. My sister and I love our kick-boxing class! Does it ever help me with my stresssss!

  7. What a fabulous topic & at such an opportune time!
    I start each weekday at the gym for about 30 minutes(no excuses as it's in our condo complex!)
    I find that starting my day with excercise really does help me feel better both physically & emotionally, which in turn helps with all the stress of juggling everything in our lives.
    Years ago, my husband made me a promise that there would be laughter everyday of our lives & there has been!
    A little laughter, trying to make some time for yourself (even if just to take a few deep yoga breaths) & rememberring that every Christmas we worry about getting "it" all done & when Christmas day arrives, by some miracle, we always do!
    * I guess it helps that I love this time of year!

  8. these are wonderful tips & ideas, nicies! such helpful tools toward finding balance. great suggestions - thanks!

  9. I drink chai as I prepare my garden for the cold winter..when that's done I get busy with my greeness (global warming)My family all lives pretty far away so I like to shop for them early and get it out of the way :)

  10. These are wonderful tips & ideas, nicies! such helpful tools toward finding balance. great suggestions - thanks!


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