Monday, December 7, 2009

slumber party revealed: follow up to *what 3 places do you dream to travel to? *


vintage globe via ethanollie

don't you just love a slumber party? comfy pjs, silly movies, telling your friends, old & new, your thoughts & crushes & dreams.... such fun! so i thought i'd invite you to the fun continuing series on the rikrak studio blog... the rikrak slumber party. here's a followup to the question i asked a while back: what 3 places do you dream to travel to? as the snow falls in ottawa today, i thought we'd take a little triparoo! thanks for your fun answers! be sure to visit all of the slumber party posts here and chime in!


oh i just love *cyberspace* slumber party travelling with you cuties! so many fabulous places we can all adventure to together! here's a fun sampling of some of the glorious places you dreamt of visiting, maybe for the first time, sometimes for a second time, and always with such warm & wonderful reasons!

le petit bistro by Bueller

ceratainly the most popular place most of you dreamt of traveling to! paris, or lovely france as a whole were wishes for bundled, jen t., vadjutka,
rjcharms , lilethevy, & bebeandalice, among others!


the blue door by rachel lake

glorious greece is the next stop for dollarstore crafts,

donna vw


paro, bhutan by blogmulo

beautiful bhutan inspires
jojoebi & eliza ( me too!)


examining the icons by pmorgan

thrilling st. petersberg tops melissa's list


ocean view by natureatitsbest

brooklynechaos is just back from mexico and has been wonderfully bitten by that travelling bug!


sunlight by daniel starrason

and iceland was one of the very most popular dream destinations. see you there, karley,
parallelbotany, eliza, & jojoebi


swallowing the ruins by stuck in customs

and that cute mr. rikrak chimed in that he dreams to travel back to amazing siem reap/ angkor wat , this time with our little rikrak. me too, sweetie, me too!

happy travels, lovelies!
(and bring your sleeping bag back tomorrow when you visit here as a whole new slumber party adventure awaits! yay!)
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  1. Yeah, lets go to Paris and stop at the first patisserie and lets eat! :-)

  2. yay! i'm with you, vadjutka! :)
    so glad - heather!

  3. Reykjavik roadtrip!!

    I've heard recently that there are some very low-priced travel packages to Iceland nowadays. They need the money...

  4. Wow, this post has me dreaming of a getaway. Lovely photos.

  5. ohhhh how I wish I could just pack up and go! I didn't know you had been to Cambodia, we went for the millenium and loved it so much we went back a few years later and got married there! Our wedding pictures were done at Angkor wat, we rode an elephant to the top of the mountain for sunset pictures (but I forgot that you need to climb the temple ruins to actually watch the sunset, now that was fun in a wedding dress, my stockings were ruined, LOL) It was a crazy but fun wedding!

  6. Oh, I must've missed this the first time around, but I'll definitely follow suit and say Greece. It's at the top of my list. Japan would be second and Bora Bora third.

  7. that's marvelous, jojoebi! what a location for your wedding! wow!
    and thanks, catherine & little grey!
    and yay to a handmade roadtrip! :)

  8. That tree image is amazing... I wanna go there too! XD


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